1. @Daniel Lai I’m sure you and Trudeau know about the ever increasing national debt while health care and hospitals in Canada have been paralyzed long before convid19 Health care in Canada is great if you survive the wait If you can’t wait we got M.A.I.D.S

  1. This was a difficult interview, why didn’t she ask him the tougher questions?

    2 years ago he said interest rates would be low until 2024. So why would we believe he’ll keep them steady?

    1. But he didn’t say they would. Very clearly said if its required, they’ll raise it. Not defending his previous statements but he was very clear and she made him state it clearly. He got frustrated that she made him commit to saying that, yes, they might have to raise it. She was making him answer questions, but like a Canadian. I thought this was uncommonly aggressive for Canadians lol.

  2. Transitory, interest rate will be low for long time, borrow as much as you could, now 3% inflation by the end of 2023. 8 times interest rate hike in 10 months and Now he is saying thats how monitory policy works. Thats means its your problem not mine. This employee needs coaching opportunities. My boss would have fired me if I have made such prediction.

  3. A spender , interviewing a spender. Why is this of interest to anyone who believes in sound Canadian money.

  4. The inflation Diet. I used to buy 2L of soda a week for $1.99. Now I only buy 591mL of soda for $1.99. I’ve lost 10lbs without breaking a sweat.

  5. Supply chain, inflation, high interest rates, recession?, increase in unemployment?, war in Ukraine; what is going to happen next and are we prepared for it?

  6. He is weighing his words but clearly if inflation is 6% and the bank rate is just over 4%, it is safe to assume the bank rate will have to higher than inflation to reduce inflation.

  7. Fill out that resume out and the NDP members as well because if this pushes into 2025 my guess they’ll be a lot of unemployed NDP parliamentarians after propping up this government. They lost my vote.

  8. This guy does exactly what he’s told to do by the PMO. Gerald Butts and Katy Telford are the ones running the BOC.

  9. If the cost of Food increases I can eat less. If the cost of gas rises I can drive less. The BOC seems unable to influence the cost of food and energy. The policy interest rate increases are directly responsible for a substantial increase in mortgage payment costs. When will the BOC reduce mortgage payment costs since these represent such a large part of most family budgets?

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