One-on-one with Green Party Leader Annamie Paul 1

One-on-one with Green Party Leader Annamie Paul


Green Party Leader Annamie Paul sits down with Evan Solomon to discuss her first election campaign and the difficulties the party has faced.

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  1. It’s really sad that the Green Party infighting has destroyed all the momentum the Green Party had after the last election. With that being said, the local Green Party candidate in my riding has the best chance of beating the corporate CONservative candidate, so the Green Party candidate will get my vote.

    1. Max Bernier is obviousely not much of a fighter if he can’t post on YT even when his supporters are ignored. Let this loser go already.

  2. The circumstances are the same for everyone – all candidates are campaigning during COVID and all leaders are leading during COVID. Whining isn’t leadership – it’s just whining. Life’s tough Ms. Paul, find a way.

  3. I can’t believe that the PPC is now ahead of the Green Party in polling. Talk about an epic leadership void in the Green party.

  4. It so sad to see what has happened to the Green Party. I have voted for them most of my life but I cannot vote for them now with such a horrible person leading them. It’s unfortunate that she will take the party down with her when they should have just replaced her.

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