One-On-One With Israel's Police Spokesman | MSNBC 1

One-On-One With Israel’s Police Spokesman | MSNBC


Ayman interviews Israel's National Police Superintendent, Micky Rosenfeld.
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  1. Riots don’t come about for absolutely no reason. This “police spokesperson” is a transparent fool.

    1. @Fraudster Biden-Dickknuckle stealing homes, destroying crops. Those will upset people. That’s not propaganda, that’s what happens to Palestinians.

  2. Very funny they always skip ythe first chapter!! Of dispossessions of families from there homes!!!bunch of fools

    1. Copy and paste this sentence under related videos as a form of simple protest and like this sentence whenever you come across it.

    2. @Ceyhun ay Netanyahoo is singing the song from the ” MASH ”
      series……Instead of the words ” Suicide is Dangerous “…….
      He is singing ” Genocide is Dangerous “

  3. This started because the Al Aqsa Mosque was raided to shut them up so their evening Ramadan prayers didn’t drown out Bibi making a speech.

    1. What we (English speakers) regard as racism, these two countries regard as their religion. They have increasingly come to accommodate their coexistence, until this incident you mention, I agree.

    2. @Virtue Ethics Keep Reading! , religion is not racism and you don’t speak for the English speakers of the Western world. Religion, if done properly creates introspection and self improvement, not war.

    3. @Asher Houseman No, of course, you are right, religion is not racism, until religions regard each other as races, and I think that is happening. Is racism the problem, or is religion the problem?

  4. This recent bout of unfathomable stupidity and senseless destruction has been brought to you by militarized religious extremism.

  5. MSNBC if I didnt know better.. And from your usual analytics.
    I would say that your videos are being shadow banned on YouTube right now…
    You can guess which ones.
    Keep up the good work.

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