One-On-One With White House Communications Dir. Kate Bedingfield | MSNBC 1

One-On-One With White House Communications Dir. Kate Bedingfield | MSNBC


White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield discusses President Biden's infrastructure and families plan, immigration, and reports of unexplained health incidents among personnel in Washington, DC.
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  1. I prefer Kate B. here rather than selfish whatshername @ podium without her mask while inside federal building and all reporters still have face mask on inside

  2. I’m just wondering how the millions of small businesses are going to pay these tax increases when they are barely hanging on right now.

    1. @Tod Brown So those 70 plus percent would not be subject to a corporate tax. You can’t just redefine what a corporation is to prop up your dishonest post.

    2. @D E what’s dishonest about it? And why are you deflecting? Besides, your figures are completely incorrect.
      Non employers:
      86% sole proprietorship
      7% corporations
      7% partnerships
      44% S corp
      11% partnerships
      16% sole proprietorships
      22% corporations
      7 % non profits
      Source: small business administration

    3. @Tod Brown I’m going with the stats of the Small Business Association’s Office of Advocacy, over random numbers you post

    4. … and then what about capitalism? If businesses can’t pay employees a living wage and expenses they should do something new. No more bail outs for troubled companies and corporations.

  3. Government’s job is NOT to make people’s lives better !!!! It’s to build highways and protect our borders !!! …… So misguided

    1. @Robert Way You’re correct , they do make our lives better. But i see a culture over the last 60 years that has grown to depend on the government for every aspect of their lives and a government that uses one class of people to pay for the up-keep of another ….. for no other reason than a vote . AND just for clarity ,i voted for neither Trump or Biden .

  4. Apparently, the Democratic mantra is: The good of the many outweighs the good of the few, and especially the one.

    While the Republican mantra is: The good of the one outweighs the good of the many – and even the few.

  5. Tim “Snake Oil” Scott is a sad sack! The bill he helped make cutting $2 trillion in taxes for the rich for life, and a small amount of taxes for average folks for 2-years. Well, the 2-years are up for average folks, which means taxes are going up for average folks!

  6. Biden: “We’re going to end child poverty, make education more affordable, and bring good-paying jobs to fight climate change.”
    republicans: “Oh crap. We need something to distract our voters with. Let’s go with Biden is banning…uh, cheeseburgers!”
    Biden: “What dafuq?”
    republicans: “Working like a charm!”

  7. America is a nation of 50 states. President Biden needs to stop going to those states that are or have turned blue and actually go to places like Texas, wyoming, and other red States because even though I voted for him, he is supposed to represent all states not just the ones that voted for him.

    1. When has Biden had time to travel? He hasn’t gone to any states since he was elected, he is hoping the Republicans will meet him half way with infrastructure so Americans can have good paying jobs.

    2. @aa22 ZZ I don’t have days are weeks to educate you so I encourage yourself to educate yourself. After all this is the information age regardless of what you want to call it.

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