One Shot & Ready, Two & Drive | TVJ News - Oct 6 2021 1

One Shot & Ready, Two & Drive | TVJ News – Oct 6 2021


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  1. This is what lost souls do. . Taking the mark and being eternally condemned is what happens when you failed to read the bible and spend time seeking God in the past.. God can’t help those who took it now. Woe be unto them.. sigh. Satan overcame you and never had to wait for you to die in your sins.

    1. @G Star the things of God is considered foolishness to man because he is spiritually blind and these things are spiritually discerned.

    2. @Edgerton Brown I am not your son…you are my brother. Don’t pass your place like that again with a next man unless you’re a senior citizens deserving of that honor to call a next man son. Now, you say you’re able to buy and sell now correct? But for how long? Weak argument. The bible *completed* the prophecy… we have just entered into it. Not all prophecy is fulfilled in a day or hour.. some takes months and year to fully complete and meet up with futurism of the prophecy. Rn, in Nigeria in November you won’t be able to do banking transaction without proof of vaccination. In France you cannot go to supermarket without proof of vaccination. People losing jobs without being vaxxed. How will they buy if they don’t have a job? The prophecy is taking effect and will reach its fulfilment until the restrainer’s hand be removed as the antichrist is already at work behind the scenes. The mark won’t be made after the rapture as no one knows when the rapture will be…satans time is short and he realized it when he rolled out the mark without a blockage in the spirit

    3. @Edgerton Brown the pcr nasal swab test actually vaccinates you as nano particles and morgellons were found by scientists to be on the swab tips that reaches the blood brain barrier in the forehead and when it passes your blood brain barrier will take over your mind. The earliest translations had in the forehead and in the right arm… but when you look at the greek word used it has a symbolic component as well right hand meaning giving your power and authority over to the beast.

    4. @NAHJ1 DON yes sir! I’d shake your hand but alas. Keep speaking truth. I pray Aka covers you until he takes us home.

  2. So the gas that these likes head ya get is just a 1 day thing or is it a full tank thing cause if a one day uno wicked to uno life smh

  3. People don’t learn. Same thing they said with the teachers that they will get preferential treatment, where is it?

    1. It has declined Worldwide several times before. More waves are coming our way because idiots refuse to take the vaccine.

  4. Everyone in Jamaica should be vaccinated so the stop of this deadly disease will end and life can go back to normal & dem di people can socialize, go out shopping, return to work but mi sey protect di family, protect dem pickney dem be the future

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