One Year Later, Covid Cases Surge In Same ICUs 1

One Year Later, Covid Cases Surge In Same ICUs

NBC's Ellison Barber reports from the same hospital she visited a year ago as South Carolina sees a jump in Covid-19 ICU hospitalizations.
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    1. Yeah, tons of us know who Reality AkA Truth AKA William Macey AKA The Tweedles AKA several other new troll accounts is. Sadly, YouTube haven’t worked out his true location or whatever to permanently block that arsehole.

    2. @Ver Coda they are paid ,alot of them are from other countrys apparently and young liberals from here

    1. I live in a low vaxxed town and I dont see anyone paying but up the road a hr or so where they did and have high vaccination sure are ,wat does that tell you .And we haven’t been wearing mask for months .The new variants/infection seems to follower the vaccinated areas not the other waya round like the media pushes

  1. Why is there always enough for getting a flu shot ? But we’re having a hard time getting people vaccinated for this virus now something don’t make sense just some meat smelling quite right here and I will until my dying day figure out what it is.

    1. We need to audit there. Kentucky too. If there really was widespread voter fraud, how did McConnell get re-elected? Unless there was even more fraud on his side

  2. The state that’s bordering six states is the only on closest to a “decrease” status. That’s not very promising.

  3. Good finally I might get a chance to get off this earth. Tried swimming with sharks and alligators but they were not hungry.

    1. @Cloudie 9 Druoid You don’t know who I am and what I have already done. I am done with all I wish to do. I am now just waiting for the DNR or I’ll SUE tattooed on my chest to become reality.

      My entire Earthy family knows of my wishes and will.

      I have a Christian doctrine instilled in my beliefs that do not let me cherish that of the earth and I stand by that for the glory of my father. The number one reason you and I are family.

    2. Mark t. One only needs to go to one of those Qanon Republican states. These people can leave this mortal coil knowing they were right. It WAS a conspiracy to keep them alive.

  4. Imagine you spent years studying to become a doctor and then all you get to treat is patients who are too ignorant to get a shot.
    Musst feel great.

    1. I read my coronavirus worldometer and vaers. Doctors these days are practically employees of big pharm, other words it is hard to excel beyond big pharm boundaries. I know from 2nd wave that lockdowns and massive mask compliance were failures. There is a failure to use older drugs with great safety profiles, come back when your lips are blue. My educated guess about 40 children died cumulative while having no pre existing, less than 1 such in a million

  5. US Covid deaths 625,723 New Zealand 26. US has 24,066 times more Covid deaths than New Zealand.
    11 months since New Zealand’s last Covid death, watching American media is like stepping back in time.
    America: Stop looking in the mirror for answers and start following countries that lead the world in pandemic management.

  6. When you see the media constantly using a certain race, best believe those are the ppl they’re trying to reach. Don’t be fooled…they know the majority of blacks and Hispanics aren’t on board with their games.

  7. I’m no psychiatrist but I’m wondering if these people don’t like themselves how much does low self-esteem have to do with not getting vaccinated? Because you have to not like yourself to put your health in jeopardy when the solution is so simple and it’s FREE! My goodness wake up please, it’s your life and that of your loved ones.

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