‘Ongoing Security Incident’ At CIA Headquarters After Intruder Seeks Unauthorized Access | MSNBC 1

‘Ongoing Security Incident’ At CIA Headquarters After Intruder Seeks Unauthorized Access | MSNBC


A Fairfax police spokesman confirmed that there is an “ongoing security incident” at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. Officials reported that an intruder approached the gate and tried to seek unauthorized access.

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    1. @Tyeler Nowell I’m not even going to answer something that rude.

      This is what gives Trump supporters more ammunition to use against us.

    2. @Emu Riddle lol. No. They dont have “more ammunition” than us. All they have is whataboutism and gulibility. They dont even know the difference between the 2 words, that’s why they are gulible. And as to the whataboutism it’s their fall back argument. Dont ever let them think that they are morally better or have any advantages. Because they put so much faith in their authoritarian system they expect everyone to bow down to it.

    3. @Tyeler Nowell lol. No. There’s a reason why Anarchist forces never held any territory, in real-world conflicts.

      Because ego still takes over. And keeps anything from getting done.

      Who do you think brings clean water into every drinking fountain in the city? The water fairy?

    4. @Tyeler Nowell Actually they mean the same thing. That’s why it’s the dumbest slogan in the world. Even most Dems don’t want to defund, they want to reform.

    1. @John Dopey Actually I didn’t. It sounded like a complete non-story from the start.

    2. I just don’t see how it is ongoing. If they are trying to break into the CIA shoot them this time.

      Every day someone is shot over a traffic violation but these guys are treated with kid gloves.

      I’m so embarrassed by my country these days. The only safe place in America is breaking into the government.

    3. @ Mat Broomfield That wasn’t a security incident, that was Sedition against the USA.

    4. @Debra Jones Quite so, but the way the GOP senators describe it, it was a friendly gathering.

  1. I was thrown out of the Mar-a-Lago antique shop because I walked in and said, “Good afternoon, what’s new?”

    1. Now why didn’t they report that? That was a better incident than this nonsense they reported. Lol!

    2. @The Pew Hunter Tossed In A School Dumpster DONALD J. DRUMPF (his original last name) belongs to a mulit-generational family of East German grifters by the last name DRUMPF. His grandfather Johannes DRUMPF was a wanted man in Germany so he fled to the US in the early 1900s where he successfully changed his name from DRUMPF to TRUMP and continued the family business of grift.

    3. Thats ok ann ive been thrown out of better places!!!
      you ever been to one of those under the bridge tent city places? Yea so im there handing out food and a guy is being all homeless drunk and unruly.. i get my stance because he was walking up on me.. and the tent city leader puts me out can you believe that.. dam Maralago and dam those tent cities.. im with you Ann

    1. They’ll just hold him for a half hour, then let him deliver it. That way the pizza’s free.

  2. That ÜberEats order is getting cold, and the delivery guy is about to have a really bad afternoon

  3. How exactly does one “negotiate” to gain unauthorised access to the CIACICIA headquaters? Bribe them with pizza?

    1. @Horrifying Apocalypse DEEP-dish Chicago. You don’t bring a thin-crust to “negotiate” there.

  4. Did they check for any tiny Cheeto dust finger prints? Maybe it was the citrus Caligula “taking back” his country

    1. @JasonDrvmz well, I’m not expecting to pay higher taxes because I don’t earn $400,000 a year and he just pulled us out of Afghanistan, so that kind of kills that prediction.

    2. @JasonDrvmz you make it sound like being aware of what’s going on in the world and actually caring about people is a bad thing.

      Oh, wait…yeah. Republican. It’s kinda your credo.

    3. @Tracy Rowe your problem is you think everyone else is you, we’re not. What happens when you start making that amount? Then what? Will you be happy to be taxed to oblivion?

    4. @Tracy Rowe here’s the thing. I’m not a Republican even though I voted for Trump the first and second time. And what’s wrong with voting on your own interests? The first rule of life is self preservation.

    5. Excuse me Ma’am but if you are speaking of our nearly departed commander in chief I do believe the proper taxonomic title is Pongo tapanuliensis!

  5. Mybe its one of those ”auditors”…? They like to hang around those kind of government buildings..!

  6. Florida Man incoherently rambling on something about “stop the steal / steal the Vote “ was the description I heard on my scanner

    1. Really? All I can hear on my scanner is something about Russian Collusion, The Phone Call caper, and impeachment of a non sitting President followed by the laughter of 75 million people. Did you get tricked into one of those MSDNC scanners from China?

    2. @dls951 – silly Boy that’s not a police scanner your listening to … You’ve got your shoe up to ear ! The noise you’re hearing is pro tRump propaganda from Fox “news” blasting from your TV in the other room . Silly silly boy

    3. @Larry Grecko When was the last time an impeachment vote was taken in the senate for a ex-President? Even if it passed Trump wasnt there to be removed from office.
      It was all Parrot food. Barack…. Barack….Bwhahaha!

    4. @dls951 – tRump was impeached while he still was in office the only reason the vote didn’t happen before he left office was because corrupt Mitch McConnell was still then the Majority Leader & he prevented it . The Impeachment clause wasn’t established merely to remove a Official from office but also the is also a clause to prevent that Person from ever holding a Federal Office again . See America is a Country of Laws , when the President of the United States inspires a insurrection by a Mob of YeeHadi’s by blatantly lying to the World about the Election being “stolen “ simply because he’s a thin skinned Narcissis who can’t accept defeat We want him held accountable.

  7. The dude watched the movie BLUE STREAK with Martin Lawrence trying to bribe the cops at a police station with Pizza and got away with it.

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