Ongoing Threat From Trump Supporters, Anti-Government Anarchists Analyzed By Experts | MSNBC 1

Ongoing Threat From Trump Supporters, Anti-Government Anarchists Analyzed By Experts | MSNBC


Trump supporters and anti-government anarchists are planning Inauguration week protests, authorities say. Tiffany Cross and her panel of law enforcement experts discuss the ongoing threat.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Ongoing Threat From Trump Supporters, Anti-Government Anarchists Analyzed By Experts | MSNBC


    1. By “recent” above I should clarify that in Ky., Bashear (D) has been in office since 2016, I believe. So I’m speaking in larger cycles of time regarding bad policing and other problems.

    2. Like BLM and Antifa? People who have destroyed more American businesses and homes than anything that hastened on Capitol Hill

  1. ALL nurtured, coddled and cultivated by the system. The education system teaches them that they own the universe and are entitled. Religion tells them that they alone are the saviour and your versions of history tell them they are superior and everyone else should be subservient.

    1. @Miles Susans seriously don’t. Tom is a person screaming “I think Black Lives Matter was the stupidest name
      When the system’s screwing everyone exactly the same”
      Its downright some all lives matter bs.

    2. @William H that was trump . But you would have to have a functioning brain to know that. You lost tweadles

    3. The education system teachers revolt and rebellion. We are programmed to be heros and martyrs. But america calls that terrorism. It’s insanity. We are being driven insane through legislation. But they get immunity.

    1. @russian beaches
      False. Republicans are now extremists. Your trick of trying to turn the facts around is laughable

    2. @David Alexander In what way? the capital event was nothing, frump supporters killed no one.
      The other side rioted all year and was supported by democrats.
      Democrats abused their authority to shut states like mine down.
      Republicans are terrible too,, but democrats are worse infected with america last neocons.

    3. @russian beaches
      trumpnuts refusal to just cover their mouths with a simple mask to help keep their Covid virus to themselves is what actually shut states down. Oh and you are correct Republicans are terrible and I would add willfully ignorant.

    4. @David Alexander The government chose to shut states down. You can try to blame kt on something like that, but there isnt evidence and some of the mose effcted plces had the most invasive lockdowns

    1. @Frankie Bruan right right. Bc libs are baby eating reptilians that operate secret space lasers to propagate fake school shootings.

    1. It keeps the basket of deplorables revved up and ready to arm themselves against the Democrats who they blame for a ‘false flag’ event to take their guns. Republicans think the Constitution is made up of only the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

    2. It’s so they can keep they’re guns, in case they want to overthrow the government. Lives don’t matter, even children’s lives, just guns and treason. It’s all they care about.

    3. The purpose? To avoid the discussion about fire arm’s possession. They are in NRA’s pockets and the fire arm’s manufacturers. They don’t care if their own children die one day in a mass shooting by the hands of some crazy wacko son’sbitch. They only care about money, no matter how they make it. They are a disgrace, a cancer that needs to be removed from society.

  2. No empathy for these traitors. Stand up, show up, speak up. We are the majority and we will crush these fake patriots!

    1. @David Eby Absolutely not. It’s the lack of reaction that has given rise to these right wing extremists. I’m 100% woke.

    1. @Shawn Corbin those capital rioters could have at least taken a bath before they went in and stunk up the place. REAL CLASS.

    2. What about the blm bull where are the charges for those people hmmmmm funny how your lives are now threatened its now a problem maybe to little to late bring on civil war

    3. “inciters” have been in the eye of the beholder. Bad idea. Maxine Waters would like it to be a one way street.

  3. “Humans are credulous animals. From credulity, there is often but a short step to hostility.” – Mark Rowlands, 2008.

    1. @Dr. Poo Haaaa OK… So according to this apologist coward ; racism, sexism and murdering LGBTQ people is fine when it occurs in Far East and islamic nations…… I hope everyone is reading this pathetic evasive cop out

    2. @Homer Antoniou Gee Homie, you’ve come up quite intellectually impotent….need a wheelchair for your crushed ego?

    1. Wait….. So there are ONLY WHITE SUPREMACISTS, BLM ISNT FULL OF RADICALIZED BLACK SUPREMACISTS? Democrats this is where you’re losing people, “what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them? Now!” “Pigs in a blanket, fire em like bacon” and I could go on and on then cops started getting ambushed, I’m not a republican at all, I hate them. I’m independent but I hate hypocrisy and the left is being hypocritical on this issue, denounce one, denounce all, be for real or don’t be at all. I’m willing to do whatever it takes or die for my beliefs, in case anyone has anything to say, say it here and now

    2. These comments are hilarious…Clearly Lincoln was quoting Jesus…And that would not be the point either way…When Jesus came his people were under the oppressive rule of the Romans…wildst he was trying to show them the way to freedom, that being to return to God, he was being accused of casting out devils in the name of the king of devils…he then said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Meaning that not only is he not doing that, Satan is not a be stupid enough to do that…yet here you all are bickering in the comments over God’s word…this country is so screwed…

  4. Lock them up don’t let them out don’t keep putting up with this. and get the leaders out white house.

  5. Republicans need to reject this groups and go after them there going to wait for a bombing and then forget about them

  6. When you want to problem solve, you don’t start at the bottom. You start at the top.
    So far like what, 120 bottom dwellers arrested? What about those creators at the top?

    1. Technically, you do start at the bottom. You can’t take down a mob boss without turning the capos first. But yeah, I get your point. I mean, it’s not like they didn’t do it right in front of the TV cameras., right?

    2. ALL of them should be prosecuted, I don’t care if they were on the bottom or not. They Knew exactly what they were doing was illegal and a serious attempt at overthrowing the government. If they succeeded do you think they would of just changed their mind? NOT a Chance. They all need to made an example of and that means jail time. The Organisers names will come out in the wash soon after a few of these people are Sentenced…Once people realise the Government is taking this seriously they will be screaming out names because they are all cowards and have no honour or loyalty regardless of the BS they hear from trump or what they consider themselves to be. They are Domestic Terrorists. Period.

  7. Have they been labeled Domestic Terrorist yet? Ntm Has Criminal #1 been labeled a National Security Threat ?

    1. @David Eby No, Democrats don’t think violence is cute and 95% of the summer protests were violence free.

  8. The groups with a tendency for for violence weren’t being covert their banners and rhetoric were in plain view

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