Onion Lake Cree Nation sues Alberta government over sovereignty act

A First Nation is challenging the sovereignty act in court for fear it gives the provincial government new powers encroaching on its treaty rights.

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    1. All the treaties or just ones with FNs? Let’s include the Treaty of Ghent for kicks.. the Americans will never know what hit them.. 😅

  1. Don’t have anything better to do than just Demand free stuff all the time or set up a silly blockade 🙄🙄🥴🥴
    My opinion funding should be ended in Canada!!

  2. Not from Canada! But there is a lot of hate and racism there! Might be some of you so called Canadians should leave! Not your home land too! Respect!!!

  3. Sounds like the stupidest thing in the world. A person would have to stretch their mind around some really obscure thoughts to think the sovereignty act will affect treaty rights.

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