1. When you are the one vote against something and present your case with compassion, empathy and thoughtfulness, you might not be proven right immediately but when patience prevails, it might not be a joyful occasion in this case particularly but it sure must be sobering.
    Bravo for your perseverance Rep Barbara Lee.

    1. You do realise that at the time and during the Taliban rule. Afghanistan made up over half of the worlds refugees from the barbarism that was going on? They sent Afghanistan back to the Stone Age

  2. I was with her then. I am with her now. All the stupid waste, rotten corruption, destruction of lives, from this and every stupid war. Just stop it! There’s real work to do with our lives and resources.

  3. It is said: “Reality has a particular way of hitting you in the nose if you are not paying attention “
    Time has proven you right congresswoman

  4. $10 trillion has gone to mostly US entities. bad for human rights, yet “good” for businesses and lobbyists

    1. US ‘entities’ what are those, the American People, I don’t think so, and what are 77 fools agreeing to anyway? What does that monetary figure mean, $10 trillion is half of our debt for the last twenty some years?

    2. @Guy North the tacit agreement of USA: Redistribution of Fruits of Labor.(lincoln); Military Industrial Complex, (Eisenhower) is a leader in Taking “$40k-$400k/yr Worker” taxes and Giving to the wealthy/lobbyists. USA private equity holders ae doing well.

      When you are done whining and dreaming and complaining; if you really want to improve the Republic, we will still be here, facing and thanking Objective Truth.

    3. Having worked and still working for defense contractors you can bet your *ss that they want this spending to continue and work ceaselessly toward it. We need some of it. But not all of it.

    1. Look at the Republican Party, Conservatives, and Evangelicals have their crazed support of Donald Trump. How true — what you say is …

    1. thank you ma’am too bad they did not listen to you then, someone in Washington needs to listen to this smart, intuitive woman.

  5. can you imagine the balls needed to be the only one to vote against, especially in those days when everyone was screaming for revenge? No surprise a woman did it

    1. @Francesco Bar exactly, Bush and Cheney regime demonized Muslims just like Trump, and they did it for money, not revenge

    2. Historical footnote: Congresswoman Jeanette Rankin voted against both world wars.
      There are other congresswomen, but only one Barbara Lee.

    1. What some don’t realize, was that in WW II everybody sacrificed. There was rationing of basic items, such as sugar. The top wealth bracket was 90%. But we came out of the war and built a booming economy like the world has never seen.

  6. I was adamantly against the invasion, I distinctly recall Lee’s speech and vote.
    The post9/11 military adventurism actions were always a house of cards built on sand.

  7. She’s the only Representative to have the courage to vote against war in Afghanistan. Good for her.

    1. @Brezlow Sauls She was a Republican when she was in the service, and she is now. In between she tried to play progressive, she couldn’t keep up the act 24/7 and got outed.

    2. @Gonzilla88 No, it’s really important, these people attacking Tulsi Gabbard and spreading lies about her are the same who lied about WMD’s about Tora Bora, they are the same Cult behind tboth invasions !!!
      They hate her because she is against more wars !

    1. @Jim Mack How about explaining how after 20 years of training, supporting, and financially support to the tune 2.5 trillion dollars total cost to American taxpayers which is nothing compared to the loss of American lives, that their 300,000 man fully equipped military abandoned their post, dropped their weapons and ran, to the women (slaves) in Afghanistan 💩head!

    2. @Kenneth Wrightwe closed their air ports, so you explain. how many lives, you did you say.
      Lives…i’ll give you lives, we…in the US lost 300,000 lives since 1980 to Black on Black crime. Oh… that 2.5 Trillion was not spent in Afgan, please, i hate to cut you short, do not waste other peoples time.
      under orders, we left first. ask yourself, who gave the orders…? Mr. Wrong!

    1. good one Mike…as in where is she NOW? flights to Afgan are cheap and Help is needed for the girls…help

    2. @Jim Mack lm sure you are more than welcome to enlist yourself to take one of the flights. She doesn’t need to go to a 20 yr WAR and nothing to show for it. My family members lost their lives and Billions of dollars and equipment also. So, WHEN you going ? My Friend😷

    1. @Jim Mack The ONLY mission was to get bin laden, not try and force our kind of life or democracy on others . Even that mission was a failure for ten years . Heck even in our democracy it wasn’t very long ago that men were men and were expected to provide for their families and the women folk looked after the house and kids .

    2. the Americans were angry and wanted to punish someone and the Afghans andd the Iraqis seemed like easy targets nobody would object to

    3. @Jim Mack the thing is everyone with a brain in their head knows Afghanistan, Iraq and Al Quaida had nothing to do with the twin towers

    4. @Jim Mack yes but that was forcing western values onto a country where western vslues aren’t a thing it was always going to go back to the way it was when the coalition left

  8. Congresswomen Lee’s Advice Could have saved us 2 Trillion Dollars & Thousands of Lives & all the Perils on all Sides that comes with War.

    1. It was all about getting at Iraq oil.Haliburton got the no bid contract on Iraqi oil.Weapons of mass destruction was the lie Bush and cheny, the former CEO of Haliburton lied to get at Iraq oil

  9. This is the only woman that will talk about Afghanistan 🇦🇫 now that I will listen to.

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