Only Difference Between Barr & Cohen Is Barr Sends His Bill To Taxpayer | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. @wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever Now we know you’re a pathetic , lying , conspiratorial b.s. troll.
      Bye bye Trump troll.

    2. @Robert Buchwald What Trump misdeeds? Everything presented by democrats to date has been Debunked and discredited in all 6 investigations on trump to date! An actual dictator imposes laws all on his own, like Obama did with DACA! Now give me 1 example that is based in REALITY not just some democrats OPINION that Trump committed a crime! FYI all the same democrat who went on MSM News stations saying they had seen evidence of Trumps corruption all have SWORN testimony of saying they have seen no evidence or proof of criminal acts committed by Trump!
      Imagine what CNN & NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS would be saying if Trump allowed the sale of Uranium to Russia being a highly controlled substance with sanctions against any form of trade on Nuclear materials! Make a Trumps crimes list and get back to me with it. I can counter with Obama’s list for you so you can compare honestly for yourself. Give it your all. I will do the same.

    3. @Robert Buchwald Wait a minute what conspiracy theory have I put forward? You speak as if their has been no evidence uncovered that the Russian Conspiracy story was a lie & the FBI & DOJ actually had NO evidence or sound reason to investigate Trump over ties to Russia because they knew he did not have any!
      William Barr is not corrupt but the system he is replacing was and many of the corrupt FBI agents have been fired 72 of them in fact is the last count I have records on. Don’t be shocked if you hear about John Brennan being indicted for his part.

    4. @wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever Just give one reason Trump refused to let witnesses testify. Or show his tax returns or threaten schools with lawsuits if they reveal his grades.
      Sorry but Trump is truly THE most corrupt president ever.

    5. @Robert Buchwald So what effect on your daily life does Trumps tax returns play on you life and earnings? You just gave me your personal opinion now give me real evidence of Trumps corruption & illegal actions? Who cares about his tax’s and old school grades? Only childish selfish democrats do! Its so unimportant its childish!

  1. Barr has already lied to Congress, why would he tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth today? He’s up there performing for his client.

    1. @Pat Moore From a long line of draft dodging chickenshits who made their cash off of renting women out for an hour or 2.
      Not a single drump in at least 4 generations has served anything but themselves. This orange pig spent his miserable life illegally avoiding paying into the system he’s now stealing from. Trillions. That’s what the drumps are: the grift that keeps on grifting.

    2. @SkyGemini You’re a POS far left Marxist moron. Are you going to cry when Donald is reelected and you soyboys are charged for sedition?

    1. @Pokarot Those “protesters” were told to move, they didn’t. The decision to move the line back was made before Trump even decided to walk to the church. Furthermore, they weren’t peaceful.

    2. @Pokarot The armed protesters in Michigan were peaceful. Was anybody shot, property destroyed, anyone assaulted, any arson? Nope.

    3. @Patriot Spring You had to triple post on this and you still missed the point. Even you don’t believe you.

    4. @Pokarot I’m pretty sure I addressed your claims. Perhaps you don’t even know what point you’re trying to make.

    1. I’m Sorry!
      I can’t help that your so uneducated that you can’t understand,
      I have had lot of Reply’s and nobody else has a problem understanding.
      I must of used to big of words for you to
      comprehend (oops sorry big word)

    2. @Patriot American it’s really funny how your reply to me was the only time you used punctuation correctly during this entire comment section. It’s almost as if your comments weren’t all written by the same person… Funny that, eh?

    3. @Patriot American this has been fun, but I don’t want to spend more of my time chatting with a group of trolls that won’t be able to vote in a US election anyway. You guys look after yourselves in whichever country you are trolling from. Try to remember to keep your writing pattern consistent though, or it becomes too obvious that you aren’t one person. X

    1. More like evading questions…not answering a single “yes/no” question with either “yes” or “no”.
      Oh, and of course the vomit inducing buttlicking from the Republicans…

    1. @MellowFellow I hope you are joking. You can’t legally ‘lock someone up’. Polygraphs cannot be submitted as evidence in a court proceeding.

    1. Bill Barr is the smartest man in the room!!!!!!!! turns out Obama/Biden are guilty of doing the exact samething as NIXON !!!!!!! I knew they were crooks.

    2. It’s very easy to lie. It’s like a child trying to argue with their parents. “I am right. You are wrong”

    1. mike briganti you’re a trump supporter you’re to stupid to know what’s racist or when it’s not racism!! His comment is in no way racist however you are stupid!

    2. @mike briganti Nice try, lemming. All while you support an actual racist POS. Your bold font doesn’t hide your blatant stupidity.

  2. Barr tell the truth????? With all the rest of his crimes considered,what is a little perjury to barr?

  3. Why do we keep acting like the testimony means anything at all? These people lie so much they think they’re telling the truth…

  4. man this guy is coming across as extremely naive, “He has to tell the truth” yeah that will work

    1. @Michael Kahr Oh stop. We don’t need Barr to get Trump out of office. We need to vote plain and simple. You can’t put out an order for martial law because one city block is having a riot. Let’s calm down on the drama please. Just make sure you vote.

    2. @mike briganti Amazing considering how bad of job he has done. Hillary is not in jail. Would you like a tissue snowflake?

  5. “Honest “doesn’t go with trump and Barr. Both thugs and America vote blue.

    1. Thats right Save America and vote for TRUMP>.not a worthless Democrat, especially one that is mentally challenged at the least.

    1. His words are irrelevant as he and Trump have declared war on the American people and democracy for no reason other to avoid jail when their terms are up. They’ll turn America into a dictatorship for that.

    2. @Erick Borling Yep, clearly America is turning into a dictatorship! I personally missed that part, but oh well. 🙂

    3. He’s lied to the same people who give him a paycheck to not work for them, too. Right in your faces, on camera, multiple times. Proven lies.

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