Ont. car salesman tossed from hood of alleged stolen vehicle 1

Ont. car salesman tossed from hood of alleged stolen vehicle


Moe Al-Kaissy recalls what was going through his mind as he was clinging to a speeding vehicle that he alleges was stolen from Sport Motors

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    1. I hate thieves but I’d have to say Politicians & Lawyers are the lowest parasites of society.. Lmao

    2. This is fukn Hilarious !!!!
      Watching that maniac flying down the Main road with this Dude on the Hood.

  1. part and parcel of living in a big city, i suppose.

    sorry fellahs, expect more nonsense like this in the future. why would it stop ?

    1. Think – “Revenue Stream” and there you have your real answer. Follow the Money and the Power.

  2. Going to have to beat the women off with a stick if he’s not yet married. What heart! What bravery!

  3. That’s insane !!! Dude lucky to be alive. So they were able to track the car back to North York. Any updates on if they caught these guys ???

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