Ont. chemist puts a dent in gypsy moths' reproductive cycle 1

Ont. chemist puts a dent in gypsy moths’ reproductive cycle


A Waterloo, Ont. chemist is using pheromone-soaked lures in a bid to slow next years' gypsy moth caterpillar infestation.

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  1. How can someone get ahold of this person. I am not in her area but I would like to try her idea.

  2. How long before Corporate Canada gets ahold of this idea and charges through the nose for it? Hopefully she will patent her idea and chemical compound and be rewarded for her expertise.

  3. Aluminum Foil wrapped close to the base above vegetation. 6″ band around will cause them to turn and go back down.

    1. Perhaps this chemist has a pesticide for Trudeau and Biden? The world would be grateful.

  4. Why not a web address or where to contact … would be nice to save some trees or does nut Canada care ?

  5. I would really love to have some of these lures!! I have 11 mature Oak trees and am surrounded by about 150 acres of mixed, mostly Oak, woods (York, Haldimand County, ON). Gypsy moths are bad around here! Anything I can do to help reduce their numbers would be fabulous.
    Can someone post a way to contact Dr. Chong? I’d be happy to pay for the lures!

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