Ont. expands vaccine booster eligibility to ages 50 above 1

Ont. expands vaccine booster eligibility to ages 50 above


The Ontario government is expanding third dose eligibility to residents aged 50 and older amid concerns about the Omicron variant.

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    1. @Kevin Gamoe it’s useless trying to use simple logic with the easily manipulated. They will give you every excuse imaginable instead of simply admitting they are scared of standing up for themselves (spineless).

    1. @Dataanti thank you so much for this. I searched for it immediately and already downloaded πŸ˜† long live the dislikes!

    1. @Brice3333 Ive seen 10x the amount of athletes collapsing with heart problems since everyone got vaxxed.

  1. The UK the other day adopted a recommendation to “vaccinate” every three months – that’s right, 4 times per year.

    May the spike be with you.

    1. A friend said she saw a quackcine card with 20 slots, the slaves don’t know they are owned yet.

  2. Why would anyone take one of these let alone 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9………? Oh yeah brainwashing.

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