1. A year ago, you understood why your surgeon was wearing a mask. You probably would have sued if it it turned out they weren’t. Did how disease transmission work change in that time or are you maybe just reading too many “alternative facts” on Facebook?

  1. The fines are serious. If your a business, not making sure rules are followed, will bankrupt you. As it should.

  2. Biggest joke of federal and provincial governments. Just shut everything down; no provincial travel, no international travel. If we did this from the get go we wouldn’t be in this crap.

    1. Not true. I was in South Korea during the pandemic in 2020.
      When I entered the country I had no required test, no quarantine, everything was open (bars, cafes, etc.) and you know? They flattened the curve during that time!
      I’m not an “anti-masker” or anything, but, these lockdowns don’t seem to be the solution.

    1. An essential business is essential to the one doing it to feed his family and pay his bills. It’s offensive to tell anyone they’re not necessary.

  3. government should also consider to put the long term care accountable in terms of neglect, abuse etc.
    also they need to inspect all the grocery store for cleanliness specially in foods

  4. we need someone who represents the middle class and under, but we need someone with courage to stand up to all these no’s

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