Ont. health official says hospital could soon have to decide who gets care 1

Ont. health official says hospital could soon have to decide who gets care


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    1. what do you think of this, cause this is what im thinking am i wrong at all do you think?

      i don’t think you understand the exponent function it’s about where we are GOING TO BE IN THE FUTURE not where we’re at. ya the hospitals aren’t full, the death rate is low right? well it goes like this 1-1-1-2-3-5-8-16-64-258-1048-8024-36000 you know what i mean? cause covids got a reproductive rate of 3 while flus only 1. flus like 1-1-1-1-1-1 for infections, youll give flu to on average 1 other, but covid its 3 so you see how fast the exponent and orders of magnitude work. Flu is non existent now right and covid is “so high”, that’s cause covids way more unforgiving, way more contagious that it exists with flu so low cause it spreads to easily.

  1. Social healthcare is amazing…. not. This is what happens when have imcompintent governments that cannot do their job. We can spend billions and non of it go towards healthcare.

  2. When are you going to give up more hospital beds and spend more money on hospitals and nursing care. And close airports now.

  3. Their trying to make it sound like covid is the reason hospitals are now overrun. Hallway healthcare has been happening for years. The hospital down the road from me has been running at over 100% for years. When population keeps increasing yet no new hospitals have been built this is the outcome.

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