1. Do you not think that you should be discussing how Trudeau has invoked martial law in Canada without a real emergency!!!!!

  2. I took up locksmithing as a hobby to battle boredom during lockdown, but this guy is heroic! I have actual published instructions from Nunavut on how to build your own igloo. It requires a sense of adventure. 馃憦

  3. Rabiosa- 馃敟饾悊饾惃 饾悡饾惃 饾悓饾惒 饾悅饾悺饾悮饾惂饾惂饾悶饾惀 [饾悑!饾惎饾悶] says:

    I love his attitude and creativity!

  4. Rebbeca-馃敒饾斀**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝鈩傪潟 饾晞饾晲 袪鈩濔潫橉潝金潟饾晝袝馃挍 says:

    Housing crisis hits hard

  5. Rebbecca- 馃憟饾摃**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾搾饾摎 饾摐饾摠 袪饾摗0饾摃饾摌饾摏袝 says:

    Housing crisis hits hard

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