Ont. man returns rented movie 9 years late, charged $2.7K 1

Ont. man returns rented movie 9 years late, charged $2.7K


A video rental store in Kingston, Ont. says they received a movie 9 years overdue with a late fee over $2,000.

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  1. One time in the 90s my mother accidentally stepped on a rented vhs movie think it was Johnny mnemonic with Keanu reeves. She had to pay the stores $50 to replace it because I guess they have to pay more for the tapes to rent them out or something.

    1. That’s right stores do pay more. I remember when Rambo cost about 120-130 per copy for a small independent store. Then the store could sell that used copy at a discount. Side Note: My opinion is that when Walmart and blockbuster entered the Canadian market that’s when prices dropped ridiculous low.

    1. The place wher you rent laser disc most probably ended up in collections. You may get the bill from the the court in offsetting their millions in debts.

  2. Like he said, it probably got lost then found later or the renter died and it was later found by whoever inherited the stuff or whatever. Regardless, nobody would be charged $2,700 in late fees; any type of rental system will just charge you the full price of replacing an item after a certain amount of time, they don’t keep the tab running indefinitely.

  3. Why’d he even return it. That movie’s awesome! But seriously, the real role model here is Tom. Bravo for keeping a much loved institution of the past going!

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