Ont. plans to open vaccine booking to adults 18+ by May 24 1

Ont. plans to open vaccine booking to adults 18+ by May 24


The Ontario government will be allowing anyone aged 55 and over to get a COVID-19 vaccine through the provincial portal starting Friday and hopes to start booking vaccine appointments for all adults over the age of 18 by the end of May.

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  1. I can’t wait to get jabbed. I’ve already started dreaming of my third and fourth booster shots :3

    1. And mandatory ones where they can inject untested mystery medical interventions to the young and healthy for the rest of time. Sign me up;)

  2. Never mind all that’s been found wrong with the vac…nothing to see here..please continue the insanity….!?!?

  3. “We must all follow the protocols that we know work”… BaHahahahah!!!
    Work?! 400+ days in, yeah its working.

    1. @Max Weinbach
      Currently there are over two dozen serious side effects attributed to the jabs by REAL top doctors around the world.

    2. @Hold The Line Is acute myocardial infarction one of them? That’s what was indicated from a doctor.

    1. A group of ontario police both active and retired have filed a challenge to pretty much all this in the in the ontario superior court. i hope it happen quickly but i expect it will be more like that alberta challenge where the AB government managed to delay things in order that they may find some science to support their position.

    1. @Jeff Listen don’t be fooled Trudeau is the kingpin of this entire thing. Fatty is just following orders. Please remember pretty boy can stop this overnight, he has the power.

    1. @Doubleu D all jokes aside, it was 4 weeks… I’d to know why they added an extra 4 weeks. What science and WTF is going on.

  4. Why does doug ford not just get a test get the results and get back to work in a day if I a normal person can get results in 8 hrs I’m sure he can lol . Hes on vacation lol

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