Ont. Premier Doug Ford lays out framework for gradual reopening | COVID-19 pandemic 1

Ont. Premier Doug Ford lays out framework for gradual reopening | COVID-19 pandemic


Watch Ont. Premier Doug Ford's full press conference as the province announces plans to reopen parts of the economy.

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  1. Closed, open, closed, open.
    These new variants will spread just like the original and this cycle will continue for the foreseeable future.

    1. This Country is so fortunate to have moral and sober leaders who take these matters seriously. Just co.pare the numbers to the States and the UK, which spent months talking of the virtues of ‘herd immunity”.

    2. @Т B a cold is not a virus. Wrong. Virus cannot be spread air borne. Your a virus. I am a virus. The virus in our body till something flares it up in our body. A virus does not sit on surfaces. Bacteria. Yes it does

  2. None of the rules about small business closures make any sense since the start. Rather than spreading everyone out by shopping at small stores we all have to come together to a big box store.

    1. And thus concentrating all the wealth towards the large corporations who have made record-breaking profits in 2020.

    2. The province wide stay at home order is ending on the dates specified for the 3 zones, small businesses will re open at limited capacity. What do you mean?

    3. The reason they want all the small buisness to shut down and keep the big box stores like walmart and coscto open is because they are the only types of stores that will not allow you in unless you got proof of a vaxx when the rule is put in place

  3. Ontario government- we are making an announcement to let you know we will be making an announcement . Do as I say not as I do

    1. That’s been the way governments have been handling things all along. This is what we will do but we haven’t actually figured it out but when we do we’ll hold a press conference.

  4. I guess the covid virus don’t linger on microphones. They never spray the mics after each person. guess the virus loves screen time.

    1. Nothing is logical around these Psychopaths narratives. They are fabricating new frauds as needed to support their agenda’s.

  5. If the powers that be really wanted to stop this…no stores would be open. Everything would’ve been curbside.
    But Loblaws, Costco, Walmart, McDonalds and the other big brands got special treatment. But stay home, stay safe….go shopping.

  6. Doug Ford’s Salary is $320’000.00 a year. Of course he won’t “hesitate to shutdown businesses” his salary has been unchanged since the pandemic started. Make him live off $2000 a month and see how fast his tune changes

  7. I am not your friend, I am one of the citizens that you are doing a lousy job of serving. How about “my fellow citizens”?

  8. Government : How can we look like were doing something while not doing anything at all.
    Government : I know. Lets do another lockdown.

  9. This is never going to end, because it pretty much a flu. Flu’s don’t go away even with vaccinations. They just mutate and comeback different in the next flu season. These lockdowns and masks will never end with this government

  10. So we’re not going to mention that when that faulty test was taken off the market the numbers immediately dropped drastically? It’s all the lockdown that fixed everything? Ok then…..

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