Ont. Premier Doug Ford takes questions on schools | COVID-19 update 1

Ont. Premier Doug Ford takes questions on schools | COVID-19 update


Premier Doug Ford faced a series of tough questions about his decision not to reopen schools for in-class learning until the fall.


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  1. Vaccines work??? Perhaps you can ask those who were paralyzed, sickened or died after your “vaccines “

    1. The vaccines do some to have some benefit for the higher risk age groups (70+). For everyone else, given the level of risk, their usefulness is debatable.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis I turning 71 and would rather risk covid than taking these experimental drugs. By the way, the emergency is over so these vaccines should be banned.

    3. @Andrew Hochban They already started mixing doses a few weeks ago. So far they’re not dropping dead or turning into zombies. Should outlaw tobacco, smoking weed and motorcycles. Massive death tolls every year from those things.

  2. Cases were coming down in feb, until canada forced travellers to take multiple pcr tests to travel mid/late feb.

  3. Daffy Doug doesn’t do due diligence.
    He’s making this all up as he goes. How come he’s not focused on death numbers any more?
    Open Schools.
    Open Businesses.
    Open Everything!

  4. He keeps saying kids to get vacated
    But kids under 12years can’t get it so why can’t they go back to school?

  5. It’s quite obvious that Doug Ford has no respect for the public education system. Only cares about himself and his political party.

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