Ont. Premier Ford admits latest COVID-19 measures were a mistake | Watch the FULL press conference 1

Ont. Premier Ford admits latest COVID-19 measures were a mistake | Watch the FULL press conference


Ont. Premier Doug Ford delivers a press conference in isolation after a COVID-19 exposure, his first public remarks after the weekend's backlash over his new restrictions.


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    1. I vouch for this, I’m a lizard but don’t worry as long as he talks more about Tim Horton’s Egg Sandwiches we’ll let him live!

  1. Really… all of North America? Texas and Florida are basically wide open. Guess what… cases are going down!!

  2. “Like sorry I was like a big dictator bud, l like promise to just be like a little bit dictator now okay there buddy” – Doug Ford

    1. @Norman Leger So what metric is in place to end the restrictions? Covid zero? What happens in the fall when “cases” flare up again. Under this model, it won’t end.

    2. @Skeptic 4 Reason we have RIGHT TO TRAVEL NO LICENSE NO INSURANCE etc … we need Speed guidelines only .. NO BABY TICKETS

    3. @Norman Leger you are false on so many counts. These “measures” that you say we need to obey are not only destroying livelihoods, but are proving time and time to be scientifically inadequate with peer reviewed studies. I have lots of evidence to point you in the right direction if you are willing to look

  3. “we moved too fast”

    Right… when boiling a frog alive, you must increase the temperature slowly or else the frog will jump out before it’s done.

    1. We need to stand up, speak out or we will end up in permanent house arrest!

      I love what you wrote!

    2. @Susie deVries .. government MEANS MIND CONTROLL btw and Canada is not even a country but a CORPORATION OF ROME

  4. You corrected the golf course closures?
    How about even one report of golf courses being a spreading location please?
    I heard of lots of tickets at golf courses but no covid!

  5. He keeps saying he moved to fast, not that he went too far. See the difference? He’s still gonna bring you there, but just a little slower.

  6. Dougie calls me his “friend” again and I’m gonna knock him out. I’m not friends with dictators, bud.

    1. Isn’t great having a fat cheeseburger that breaths like a old steam engine tell you what is best for your health

  7. If he doesn’t drop the camping restrictions now, I am signing the petition for his resignation.
    Decision will be made in 24 hours

    1. @pixiegirl641 i am selfish after a year of isolation? Because I want to solo camp? Don’t sniff glue, it makes you have dumb opinions

    1. @Marg Mak I’m nothing special looking but pancake-huffing Ford makes me look like a chiseled Adonis in comparison. Also yes, it is so much fun.

  8. Doug Ford: “Next time I will take my time taking away civil rights and not try to do this overnight. Sorry for moving too fast”

    1. enough about civil rights hooly remember those are a privileges humans are slaves to the earth and to the almighty. we really never had any power to being with enough wining.

  9. Ontario vehicle stopped me while eating lunch and said I cant eat in the truck with another person.

  10. Close all stores that have 0 cases. Please make sure deco signs stays open. Those arrows are essentiel

  11. Funny he makes a extremely bad call then immediately has to self isolate because of a contact.. Covid is the gift that keeps on giving for the government.

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