Ont. shortens gap between COVID-19 vaccine doses: Full update from Premier Ford 1

Ont. shortens gap between COVID-19 vaccine doses: Full update from Premier Ford


Now that 65 per cent of adults in Ontario have received their first shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, the province says residents will get their second doses sooner than expected with the goal of fully vaccinating the majority of Ontarians by the end of summer.

Ontario officials announced on Friday they will be ramping up vaccination efforts, allowing people aged 80 and up to start booking their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine next week.

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  1. My biggest question and concern from this announcement is whether Dougie has a tan machine, goes to a salon, or is out tanning at the cottage! Doesn’t he know the worlds dangerous!

    1. I am terribly sorry.
      I want you to know your Never alone.
      Are able to get out and take walks in the sun? It makes you feel better.

    1. Even small country Belarus could start Sputnik-V production (0.5 Mln/month). Could Canada get Sputnik as well ( highly effective, no complications)?

    2. @Elena M but those are real vaccines not like ours mRNA substances that are not vaccines!

  2. No door knob Doug and friends …its thanks to having a pharmacy at every corner even the small ones.
    Also Cant swing a cat in Ontario without hitting a conglomerate Shoppers DM or Rexall.

  3. Where does speed up only mean 8 – to 10 hours a day. I’m gonna look up in google or ask siri, if speed up defines a set number of hours. We would have been 2/3 ahead if we opened the clinics 24 hours a day or at least more than 10 or so hours a day.

    1. @W Kim You must be a teacher.

      Only teachers cry about how hard their 9 out of 12 month job is.

    2. @W Kim he said many government workers and his point is they’re avoiding work….if teaching is so rough like you say then this theory makes alot of sense lol

    3. @W Kim lol too busy paying em somebody has to pay for the highest paid union in north america you do know the average teachers salary is 500 dollars a day

    4. @William Rathwell How’s that? Teachers teach what’s written in the Ontario curriculum. It’s the Ministry of Education (Government of Ontario) that writes the curriculum for teachers to teach.

    1. @Robin Alexander I’m usually always on point with spelling lol. I can teach you some Spanish if you want haha. Professional broadcasters can’t even use the words ‘is’, ‘are, ‘was’ and ‘were’ properly.

  4. WE still have not fixed the emergency measures COVID ENFORCEMENT regulation O. Reg. 8/21. It now reads that only suspicion is required for an officer to demand ANY information. No Reasonable and Probable Grounds required (No RPG) and no limit on the information that can be demanded of you by an officer.
    A person seems to have three likely options: Don’t answer…. and get charged; answer, and the officer does not believe you… and get charged, or answer and keep answering until you say something that incriminates you… and get charged.
    Need limits on the information that can be demanded. Need to reinstate Reasonable and Probable Grounds for questioning.

    1. Just don’t answer, get your ticket, pull out your pen, check “take to court”.

    1. @Julia Clover
      Exactly. The only “pandemic” is in that syringe. This winter will be interesting to say the least


    3. Nobody would even know there’s a “pandemic” if we weren’t reminded about Covid every single day on the news and in stores.

    4. @x zhou stock footage from a gas leak last year as reported in the guardian ( uk ) and the ny post .

    5. @TinyKris 2787 I believe when I see the same devastation on several different news networks. India is a mess.

  5. What’s unacceptable is the incompetence and negligence of Doug Ford’s government and the deaths that have been caused by their not heeding the science panel earlier.

    1. @wysetech2000 No thanks. Your request for obedience has been noted. I think when this is all said and done some citizens need to ask themselves if maybe north Korea is more suited to their brand of authoritarianism. Or maybe this country will have a revolt and you can get shoved onto a plane exiled out of country.

  6. Thug Ford’s company reaping in huge profits manufacturing co-vid related labels during this so called pan-demic!
    This wouldn’t be one of the reasons Ontario is one of the strictest regions on the entire continent would it?……..no goodness no.

    1. Stuffing his pockets while small businesses have been routed . So much for his populist approach during his election campaign .

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