Ont. taps former MP Philpott as special advisor on COVID-19

Ont. taps former MP Philpott as special advisor on COVID-19 1


Dr. Jane Philpott, special advisor to Ontario's COVID-19 data collection, speaks about why COVID-19 cases aren't dropping in the province.

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8 Comments on "Ont. taps former MP Philpott as special advisor on COVID-19"

  1. Loved it

  2. Better pay her off to keep her silence

  3. That BS about we are all responsible for the long term care homes disaster paid off.

  4. Hey its Karen!

  5. Let’s hope that she is willing to testify against Trudeau when his obstruction of justice trial finally begins The SNC -LAVALIN scandal will not go away anytime soon.

    • Rain Stickland | June 5, 2020 at 2:50 PM | Reply

      It already went away. It was dismissed right after he was re-elected. Don’t pretend to be politically active if you don’t even know what’s happened with your ‘pet’ cause that you don’t even care enough about to follow what’s happening.

  6. Rain Stickland | June 5, 2020 at 2:48 PM | Reply

    The fact this data wasn’t already together in a single platform is mind-boggling. How stupid are these politicians?! While I despise Alberta (lived there for many years…it’s a fossil-fuel cesspool…I don’t care if you disagree), they at least had a centralized medical system, which is why they were able to tap into resources immediately, and not when it was already too late. Ontario has been mismanaged for decades, by all political parties, but the Cons are by far the worst. Cronyism at its finest.

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