Ont. woman can't vote due to COVID-19 isolation order 1

Ont. woman can’t vote due to COVID-19 isolation order


A Prince Edward County beekeeper is told to isolate due to a COVID-19 exposure, until after the election day.

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    1. @Jordan yes election day. It is still like early voting . You can’t get everybody but this lady from Eastern Ontario could maybe get one in in time.

    2. @Fred Frond No, the deadline to request a mail-in ballot was September 14. This video was posted on the 16th, but I think it’s safe to assume it wasn’t “breaking news” and she found out she had to isolate before the deadline.

  1. Absolutely inexcusable. If she has to isolate, they have to find a way to let her vote. This has epic lawsuit written all over it.

    1. Would you mail yourself $500 cash and trust it would arrive…? Canada post mail is so not an efficient or accurate to vote. That’s why there’s insurance when you send packages. No guarantee it’s going to make it on time … or ever.
      But she should have had the option to do a special ballot. They missed my dad at his care home so I called the elections office and the mailed me the ballot (2 days) I got him to sign it and hand delivered it by Friday.
      Wonder how many others conveniently were missed.

  2. She was told to stay home for 10 days until the 21st.
    Meaning she was told on the 11th.
    Mail in voting applications had to be in by the 14th.
    Meaning she had 4 days to apply for mail-in voting, she had plenty of opportunity.
    All of the information and ways to vote, including instructions for mail-in ballots are on the voter card.
    I do not feel pity for this woman.

    However this does raise the question; what would have happened if she was told to isolate on the 15th? I agree that there should be a system in place to get the votes of isolated voters, who had to start isolation between the 15th and 20th.

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