1. Seriously?! not only Company went for it agains her Will,but still forcing her pay for something she did not want to get done. Is that promoter that dump or just got bad understanding in English language?This is so wrong on so may levels…

    1. They pretend to not understand what you say
      Or say things you didn’t say and talk with a thick accent
      I’ve been there now it’s short and sweet

    1. well the fact that they are billing her 7500 is the biggest issue. They didn’t do it for free.

    1. That company gonna lose so much money. But imagine the old folks they have already scammed out of 7 grand . It probably only cost 4K or less idk

    2. @Cory Tomlin , you’re right. Maybe authorities look into their past to see if they have pulled this before.

  2. These guys that go door to door are all shady. What you need to worry about is regardless of a “contract” the can put a lien on you. The laws need to be changed with respect to how liens are approved.

    1. i am pretty certain that any lien that might be placed e.g. in the circumstances would be entirely non-enforceable given the lack of contract.

    2. @Michele Nichols Don’t think they can put a lien on your home without proof? You need a contract as far as I know.

    3. @John Cam I’m pretty sure I saw a market place episode that made the point that it was bizarrely easy to put a lien on someone’s house. I can’t recall exactly if it could be done entirely without proof or just with a dishonest claime from the scammer.

    4. @Do’s Don’t Yea, I remember that Marketplace episode. He had a contract that he got the lady to sign, and then put a lien on her and uploaded the contract. It is super easy once you have signed a contract.

    5. @John Cam I’m not sure if it was the same episode but the main take away I got was it was too easy as far as I’m concerned. There’s should be a method that allows the 2 sides of the story to be heard before allowing a lien.

  3. The company gets to pay for the materials and labor for the unwanted driveway and the materials and labor to remove it. Seems like someone is getting fired.

  4. Sounds like the salesman told them to do it regardless so that he could get the commission. The company should fire him!

  5. I wish I would come home to having my driveway paved by a company randomly instead of my putting it off again

    1. Without a contract? Without agreement on the estimate? Then they bill you whatever they want and put a lien on your house if you don’t pay? That’s what’s happening. She has to go to court now likely to rectify this.

  6. Was this done over the phone? My family and I, receive numerous phone calls, (mobile) – Air and Duct Cleaning. They are relentless. I am wondering if it is the same concept.

    1. Duct cleaning services kept on doing it to me too no matter how i tell them off,untill i blocked them

    2. @Michele Nichols I realize, door to door, wise. I was wondering if the same could apply over the phone.

  7. They shouldn’t have paved it with no consent. Nor should she pay, but I sure wouldn’t ask for it to be removed.

  8. Her last statement is an admission in a way saying don’t get taken advantage of? How do you not stop tresspassing ? Fishy free driveway.

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