1. did that come from a camp? the camp that I found is now closed had 2 or 3 that campers won and got to sleep in . it looks like the one

  2. It is a real shame for Canada the elderly can not afford an accommodation for themselves and forced to buy these garbage !!!

    1. @Boogey Woogey you would welcome not having indoor plumbing or electricity? You must be a Trudeau voter. Smh.

  3. Not cool…. Sad that we can’t afford homes and we’re building homes from century old cabooses lmfaooo so lavash and new lol

  4. If Trudeau stays in power we will all be living in a caboose without indoor plumbing or electricity.

  5. That’s actually pretty cool lol

  6. Sadly, tiny homes remain illegal in most of Ontario.

  7. This is so cool! I would totally do something like this if I could.

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