Ontario could see 9,000 daily COVID-19 cases by October | ‘We have to protect health-care system’

Infectious disease expert Dr. Isaac Bogoch breaks down new modelling showing the fourth wave could have a serious impact on Ontario's ICUs.

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    1. No they are very relevant, need to know how fast the virus is spreading, and how quickly it will cause serious degradation of healthcare capacity.

    1. I’ve told this several times but I’ll tell it again. My best friends’ family members (I‘ve spent many festive occasions with them all), told my friends that they no longer feel comfortable being around me bcoz I’m not v’d. They are all v’d of course, but they are afraid they can get c 1 9 from me & give it to their grandkids. I guess I’m permanently contagious even with never having symptoms.
      My best friends do still dare to invite me over but their family members won’t be there if I am.
      Funny thing is, prior to ANY v’s being distributed when we were ALL considered to be contagious no matter what, we got together a couple of times in my friends’ back yard – only when it was allowed, of course, & sitting socially distanced as well. THAT was ok. Remember now, we were all supposedly tainted back then, no one was v’d at the time & it was ok to get together in small groups. But NOW that they’re all v’d, they don’t want to be around me at all! Seems that them being v’d has made ME worse! Amazing, isn’t it?

  1. I haven’t been to the movie theatre in probably over 2 years now, I have weights at my house and I’ve been to an overpriced restaurant maybe 3 times since March 2020. If they want to support this they can continue to suffer like they have been this whole time.

    1. @Jay Beaton I used to be worried and upset about that, but you know what? Maybe everything needs to go to hell for the general population to wake up.

    2. @Adam The Confused

      It’s hard to agree with your statement because the economy might change forever, favouring the really big corps. It might be really difficult to rebuild after consumer patterns have changed.

  2. I wonder when we gonna start counting deads and not asymptomatic cases on this pandemic as a real parameter… everything has been exaggerated…

  3. I think the news should stop saying “could” or “may” or ….. “could possibly”. Can we report on the real facts, like what’s happening right now. You’re just making news it seems.

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