1. You’re using the wrong word for describing what they are. Still starts with C, but only four letters.

  1. No its not too soon. The rest of the world is moving on without them, some for more than a year.

  2. The next time I break a bone or need the equipment that is at the hospital, I will go . I WILL NEVER TRUST A DOCTOR IN CANADA AGAIN.

    1. If I did it was accidentally. But I do like who I am. Hope you like yourself too. Called self esteem.

  3. Canadians would be wearing mask / forcing you to wear one (not at Govt level i am talking general public level ;pressure) for another 10 years minimum……….

  4. Bought and paid for doctors say keep the mask
    We say, I’m done with the face diaper.
    If you want to keep it, then go ahead
    It’s all about choices not mandates.

  5. It is political, they should remember for next time..
    Equal rights for all, special rights for none..

  6. I thought from the beginning of the masks it was for 2 weeks to flatten the curve? Its been 2 years now. Some Doctors seem to want masks for life.

  7. Imagine the fights they are causing amongst our families, friends and co-workers now, do not let them alienate your relationships like they do..

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