Ontario entering Stage 3 was 'first day of fourth wave,' warns epidemiologist | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Ontario entering Stage 3 was ‘first day of fourth wave,’ warns epidemiologist | COVID-19 in Canada


Epidemiologist Colin Furness criticized Ontario removing restrictions, saying first day of Stage 3 is also the 'first day of the fourth wave.'

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  1. Ontario has to focus on the safe operations of businesses rather than close them if there is a fourth wave.

    1. @Primmakin Sofis you are not receiving accurate information. Masks are shown to be effective measures used in tandem with other prevention methods. Let’s also acknowledge the secondary effects of masks in the lowered number of flu cases and other air borne illnesses. Your sources may be operating in intellectually dishonest manners because of personal interests, often financial or political interests, be careful with where you receive information and what those sources biases would be.

    2. I can’t believe Canadians did not check out downtown Eastside Vancouver quite frankly whole Canada could have done the same thing as downtown Eastside Vancouver y’all been scammed we had crowded streets with drug addicts all over give me a freaking break

    1. He is giving his expert opinion not making the rules. A meteorologist can say it’s going to rain. If you don’t take an umbrella, don’t complain about getting wet.

    1. That’s the most logical thing that’s been said in a long time. No point in just staying alive if you can’t live. The Government is flat broke, owing billions that will take generations to pay down, and we’re still no better off. It can’t afford to keep locking down.

    2. @Mark Poitras Wrong, the debt is at a very manageable level, and the pandemic is almost over; frankly we could have ended this much sooner if it hadn’t been for ars holes like you.

  2. Epidemiologist are logistics experts virologist is more of what we need to hear from or a microbiologist.

    1. @Primmakin Sofis I think if you’re actually under 80 is really difficult to die if you don’t have any medical issues like dr. Fraudchi or is it fauci fraud cheese LOL

    1. They slow down the speed on those treadmills from 8 miles an hour to 6. That should really help not

  3. I just finished my 7th week of operating my business this year. If we didn’t open up, We would be bankrupt

  4. The rules have become so laughably inconsistent that it has seriously undermined the credibility of these policy makers. For awhile, fully vaxxed adults couldn’t get haircuts, but the largest unvaccinated demographic was allowed to go to camp together. 🤦‍♀️

  5. What is the guy talking about? Masks are still required. He should get his facts straight, and the reporter should know better as well.

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