Ontario expecting to see 100 deaths a day: Modelling | COVID-19 1

Ontario expecting to see 100 deaths a day: Modelling | COVID-19


Daily deaths related to COVID-19 are expected to double in Ontario, according to the latest modelling data.

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  1. What does a normal flu death rate look like? Is what we are already doing, making the death rates similar to a normal season?

  2. Wow must be losing there marbles to give faulty numbers new strains is your fault you never closed the borders let’s get the Canadians in such a debt that any goverment can’t fix for 50 years GENIUS!!!!! Sleepy sheeps u listen put ur mask on outside in ur cars

  3. Oh really ? Wow what an emergency, yet 800 pound Gorilla was pretty calm about expanding the lockdown beyond Dec 26 ? What happened ? All the sudden the situation flipped ? OK buddy

  4. No different from technical stock analysis, still 50/50 chance. And how do you calculate the drop before April? Talking about daily deaths, look up drug overdose on any coroners website. Oh, and according to Gore climate graphs we all should be dead now anyway.

  5. Considering covid has cured many other causes of death like the flu, heart attacks, car wrecks and being shot, of course its numbers will be higher. All other deaths go down and covid deaths go up. Yet the overall death numbers are about the same. Nothing to see here. Move along but stay afraid like the government wants.

  6. It’s almost like those families in the states were their aging parent gets cancer, and they go bankrupt liquidate al their assets to pay for cancer treatments, and then they die in the end.

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