1. @Jebo Teya where T.F. did you hear Costco? Are you possibly disappointed that big box stores were not as heavily affected by Covid due to their business model? Do you hate delivery services too? What about online stores? Do you hate them also?
      Costco was never even mentioned. You just need someone to listen to you whine.

    2. Looks like a multi generational home so the entry points are unlimited but the spread is inevitable.

      You can do everything right but your kid comes in contact with a kid who’s family isn’t doing anything right and there is your breach.

      We shouldn’t prejudge without all of the facts.

  1. Queen Elizabeth once said “Grief is the price we pay for love”. To have felt a love that was “your heart and soul” is a blessing few ever experience and something to be grateful for, once the pain ebbs enough to let life back in. Sincere condolences to the family on their tragic loss.

  2. They knew this was coming. Sorry Mame for your loss. Looks like a gentleman that … yea. I am out of words. (Hugs).

  3. I havenโ€™t cried yet, but this was my breaking point. I cried so hard for this whole family and all those who lost loved ones, are sick, or have succumbed to this

  4. That poor family. My heart breaks for them. My entire family contracted covid last year and it was touch and go but we all made it. I can’t imagine the pain and trauma this family is trying to endure while still living with the ‘after effects’ of the virus.

    1. Know what damages the lungs at an exponentially faster and worse rate? COVID, mucus secretions from COVID and a lack of oxygen because of COVID.

  5. There are also many ontrarians who are committing suicide because of what the imposed lockd down has done to their business, marriages and psychological health.

  6. Well let’s just put everyone on house arrest then!
    Homeboy probably had 15 underlying conditions.

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