Ontario has new COVID-19 guidelines based on your vaccination status

Those who have not been fully vaccinated will have to self-isolate if exposed to COVID-19, while those with both doses will not.

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    1. @BooBooYup They must have done a much better job back then. How many times did they lock down for the Spanish flu?

    2. And it worked, look at the summer months in 2020 before schools opened and Karen’s started Karen’ing it up.

    1. @FitnessByMatt such a dumb point. Kids are now being hospitalized and put on ventilators and more are dying due to the delta variant. The death rate is about 2%, basically like taking a random card from a deck and if you get the wrong one you die. But death isn’t the only negative outcome. Even sporty guys like you can suffer from long Covid the same way west Nile can be debilitating for years or become hospitalized and clinging to life. Why would you not take basic steps to avoid that? Stop spreading nonsense about stuff you clearly know nothing about.

    2. @FitnessByMatt 28M got Covid or you are counting total population? Official mortality rate in Canada is 1.8%. Over 60yo is 8% and over 80yo is 20%. Probabiltiy of need hospitalized and have short or long term effects is 10%.

    3. @K since when do air bags cause blood clots, myocarditis, Guillian barre syndrome, strokes, transverse myelitis,……..

    4. Is it an airbag that hasn’t been tested and actually might fill you full of metal fragments when it deploys?

    1. We really want toddlers to stop pretending that they know more than MILLIONS of healthcare workers.

      The anti-vax crowd really wants to pretend they are poor oppressed victims though.

    1. So true! Some of those devils might still survive in their underground bunkers though. I’d prefer a proper alien invasion. Show those eugenicists what happens when the tables turn.

    1. @R4R 4R4 There’s always going to be dumbasses. They won’t believe science but they’ll believe some dude wearing a labcoat on facebook. This whole pandemic should be a lesson on why we need to be putting more money towards education, because clearly we need it.

    2. @Ping Pong i already know its not a spinning ball …example …what causes the apparent junction of the sky and ground —?

    3. @pegaSus_ Where is the science on paper and material masks stopping a virus? Show me one scientific study that proves they filter viruses.

  1. The problem of mandatory vacconations for all gealth care workers is that if the unvaccinated part cannnot go to work the health care will suffer even more.

    1. My state governor just signed executive order 13B to be jabbed or risk losing your job and if your employer keeps you regardless of status will be find 20k. This is warefare before our very eyes but I will not cave. These devils will never take my body or my soul

  2. bro imagine what would happen if there was a virus that was actually dangerous… All I can say is prepare now. Doomsday preppers looking smarter every day it seems.

    1. Right!! Either there’s a deadly virus on the loose gripping the planet but I can still go try on lipstick at Sephora and hop on a plane, or we are not being given all the information.

    2. You have a failed part time drama teacher as a dictator…. let that sink in… obviously he was just put there by someone higher up to cater/appeal to Karen and usher in all this diversity corruption, but just think about it, there should be no reasonable standard of performance when you have a country that’s content with a feminist drama teacher with more recent and more credible sexual assault allegations thsn
      trump ever did.

  3. Is the data not perfectly clear for kids under 12 that have died or had serious long lasting negative effects of COVID WITHOUT a serious comorbidity? Is that number not lower than the common flu? What are we doing here?

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