1. If we are better at spending money then the government you might as well scrap all the carbon taxes too. And then wages for any elected official

    1. @Donald Burden @edward gibson
      The mental and ethical gymnastics
      that conservatives will perform
      should be in the next Olympics.
      It’s astounding.

    2. @tom bottle that’s fine, I still can’t reconcile the perpetual liberal hypocrisy at any level of government, I know who will never get my vote and who might. With any luck the bureaucracy implodes in a currency crash and the government starves to death.

    3. @Donald Burden I’m not saying the Liberal Party is not without hypocrisy.
      I am not a Liberal voter.
      But the partisanship shown to blatantly overlook
      the hypocrisy of the Conservative Party
      by such a large number of con voters is insane.
      Blind, devout loyalty should not be given to politicians of any party.

  2. And yes … he sold you out last week and he is now handing out candy. Nothing is free and nothing is what you see, he will shift that cost to a different tax or even make up a new tax.

    1. What needs to happen is, SCRAP all the overhead related to the sticker fee system. I bet you that it cost more to administer it than what it brings in.

  3. Shame on you, Doug Ford! What about the peaceful protesters, unike the heavy-handed, no holes barred police? Why are you also not interested in trying to negotiate with our fellow Canadians? Dark, dark days . What has happened to our beautiful democracy?!!

  4. This is to get the 905 vote in the June 2022 election: all the working class surrounding Toronto who have to drive 4-6 hours daily to work because you can’t afford to live in Toronto. Nice try though

    1. I used to drive around 3 to 3.5 hours a day when I worked in GTA. it was not fun, feel much better now when I moved out and have different job, more time with family

    2. So hypocrite. He thinks it sounds go. He gives with one hand and then hits you with the other. We are not stupid

    1. @Charles mason Be happy Charles , you can buy two cases of beer with $120 . And Ford will grab half that back in beer taxes !

    2. @edith Art Delivery fee is for sending power down the lines to your house and the infrastructure required to do that.

      How that infrastructure costs so much to upkeep is beyond me though, way more money and tech goes in to keeping the internet flowing in to our homes, and it’s entire price can be as low as the delivery fee for hydro. (pending you don’t mind slow internet)

  5. GRADE 4: Doug has made strides in his ability to read aloud. Four words at a time is an improvement on the three of last term. His ideas are fully transparent however, and his peers are not yet able to give them any credibility. Doug should practice reading every day and learn the meaning of integrity.

    1. Well, what can you expect from the Thing from the movie, Fantastic Four? He can’t even pickup a small object from the floor, let alone a bigger object! And he’s certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that’s for sure! Hahahahaha!

  6. Minimum wages should be exactly the wages for a prime minister. So he can reflect on the real cost of living in his country.

    1. @Razz. Cococo You really want an election every 3 years? That would be both provincial and federal, so you would have one on average every 1.5 years.

  7. We pay an average of $40 more to fill up every 1-2 weeks. SMH. Lower groceries, and fuel, and utilities!!! $120 doesn’t even get you a grocery cart full of food these days! Shame on Ontario and Canada!

    1. Thank the Feds for those. Carbon Tax on fuel and constantly printing money causing increased inflation. Not to take what Ford’s done, or hasn’t done.

    2. I’m holding back tears at the self check out just trying to do a small load. I have $80 until March 3rd. And I have cushy city job.

    3. @EndlessFunctionality Money being printed by the Bank of Canada, as it was once done, no paying interest to federal reserve.

  8. This is his campaign speech. Saving families money? What a joke! Many families lost their entire income when their businesses failed or lost their job due to the lockdowns. His wealth increased 10 fold during our suffering. How stupid does he think Ontarians are? He’s done.

    1. @Bernard Villalon
      They had the CRS site and Service Canada site.
      Trudeau’s government is demanding pay back from those who (…let go from work cuz of covid lockdown…) and meet that requirement and used the Service Canada.

  9. Wonderful! I’m robbed at gun point but the robber lets me keep the change in my pocket. I’ve never heard such blatant double speak. Do Canadians enjoy being talked down to like that?

    1. Bill Burr had a great one, It’s like being robbed, and when the robber gets your wallet they see it’s your birthday on your drivers license, and they give you $5 out of your wallet and run away with it.

  10. “The best place for your money is in your pocket, not the governments pocket.” Hahahahaha this guy would get my vote if it was a comedy election

    1. 😅😅😅😅😅 Mr Ford is one of the best ministers: he is always flexible in his decision and pays attention to the folks ‘ interests and concerns. HE DESERVES TO BE RE-VOTED.

  11. If they will drop the license sticker, then, they’ll find other means to bring revenue to the coffers of Ontario =
    By increasing income tax, raise property tax, etc.

    1. Think of all the MTO employees he can lay off and offices they can close now. All you need is a plate. Those last a long time and can be mailed to you.

  12. This is a yearly fee. His real focus should be on keeping MONTHLY electricity bills down for ALL of Ontario, which would reduce costs for business and eliminate the low/medium/high density bills that saddle many Ontarians. It’s ridiculous that we pay twice as much as Québec on average. Do electrons cost more in Ontario than Quebec?

    1. I agree, warmth is a basic need and not all Ontarians(?) have cars. Its’ pretty obvious which voters he’s courting here. But let’s wait and see. He had promised low cost housing, but to my knowledge, these houses have yet to be built.

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