Ontario is successfully flattening fourth wave of COVID-19: modelling

Dr. Kashif Pirzada discusses the new modelling from Ontario, showing the province is successfully flattening the fourth wave.

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    1. @Professional Spinner oh so we all need to dramatically change our career path every few years now? Seems real sustainable

    2. @alan4sure You can’t fix stupid. They won’t believe this is real until a machine is breathing for them.


    1. @Franklin Fleming I told u I am not a bot like u, come straight to the point! Do you wanna vomit your conspiracy theories here or just bugging!

    2. @cuttingman007 Only a bot would be this defensive while spewing nonsense, and you definitely exhibit ‘artificial intelligence’….

    1. …New Brunswick( population 1 million ) JUST entered LOCK DOWN . 1 death ( 72 year old ) , 61 new cases hospitalisations at 32**

  1. The Cdn military was sent into Toronto/Ontario to fix it!! I wonder if they can fix the hospitals and long term care, because obviously the inspectors weren’t

    1. @Exiled New Yorker I love how eastern NDPs and Conservatives, not to forget the Liberal/Democrats, seemed to have Forgot how WE went into obscurity, how AGA KHAN Island hopping seems to have been forgotten, and finally, but not leastly, how Senior Trudeau gave you the Finger, and Junior … well lets just say it, penetrated and you’re okay with it ??

    1. that’s the point. now that liberals are in charge of North America, both Canada and America will be able to do their dirty work in peace.

  2. Flattening the curve lol….Ontario is broke AF, unemployment high, rampant drug and alcohol use! Job well done folks!

    1. This all definitely needs to be fixed, too. You’re not wrong. But it doesn’t mean that COVID wasn’t and isn’t a threat worth taking seriously.

    2. @moe Fritz How come? I’m not sure that naivety is really playing a part here… you didn’t just use that word because it sounds erudite, did you?

    1. @alan4sure They’re completely unemployable. Imagine hiring these Mouth-Breathers and then watching them drool all over your soon-to-be-ex customers?

    2. @SteelCom nah , It is quite obvious you don’t do much caring .. I was more pointing out your behaviour as an example for all to see who you are.
      Have a blessed day

    3. @alan4sure In reality…not your troll farm world….you jabbed zombies are actually causing the variants, the hospitalizations, the spreading of covid and all the misinformation.

    4. @Stacy Thompson I actually feel sorry for you Knuckle-Draggers. There’s nothing I could say that would be worse than the miserable life you are living

  3. The impressive thing about Covid is how it turned a “systematically racist patriarchy” into a trustworthy government who cannot be questioned. 🤣

  4. Show the data on how many Canadians lost jobs and businesses closing doors and the data on the tax breaks you gave the rich and bail outs.

    1. The question is Why wont they release Hospitalisation data ?? eg Baby Boomer bust with underlying conditions ( smokers …ex smokers odd ) …15 % population on anti depression meds .. drugs … obesity .. type 2 diabetes ?? what are they hiding ????

  5. “Cases” means nothing. Details are needed regarding severity of infection. Complete transparency now! ❤️🇨🇦❤️

    1. Death is not the only potential outcome of COVID-19. “Coronavirus infections might cause lasting harm to the heart, even in those who have never had symptoms. Marco Rossi was looking forward to his rookie season in the National Hockey League. The 19-year-old prospect was the top point scorer among major junior ice hockey players in the 2019–20 season. Now he was set to impress with the Minnesota Wild. The team had selected Rossi ninth overall in the 2020 league draft ahead of the pandemic-shortened season of the North American league that kicked off in January. However, Rossi’s professional debut was not to be.

      At pre-season training camp, Rossi failed his medical examination. A routine cardiac test revealed inflammation around the heart muscles, a condition known as myocarditis. If Rossi continued to skate, his heart might suddenly stop beating, and he could die. Although he felt well, it seemed that Rossi — or at least his heart — had not yet fully recovered from COVID-19, which he had contracted two months earlier.”

    2. @abj okay. Ontario. Approx 350 hospitals. Also approx 340 active hospitalizations and ICU cases……. Breaks down to about 1 case/ hospital

    3. @Pojomania Incorrect 75 % of hospitalisations is vax .. your other error ..cause and effect( “7 times reduction in infection ) …blood supply data shows over 80 % Americans have immunity with only 63 % population vax … you have bad numbers …won;t even mention studies out of Israel or Singapore

    1. I remember a series of doctors asking how the modelling came to the conclusion it did and asked for it to be made available for peer review and the government just said no

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