Ontario lifts lockdown restrictions in large parts of the province, but 'stay at home' says Ford 1

Ontario lifts lockdown restrictions in large parts of the province, but ‘stay at home’ says Ford


Ont. Premier Doug Ford says 'it's absolutely critical' that residents in the province continue to stay at home, despite restrictions being lifted.

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  1. Ford: There’s new extra contagious variants going around, it’s probably best to stay at home for now
    Also Ford: Time to start reopening!

    1. @G Angelov taxpayers
      But he doesn’t even need it
      He’s the owner of deco labels
      Selling all sorts of stickers in every place thats allowed to be open

    2. Boom third lockdown here we come…I say less then a month of them projecting 5,000 cases a day, they will say lockdown.

  2. oh yeah, the “stay at home” honor system, we couldn’t even stay home during the stay at home order, what makes you think the honor system will work.

    1. Yeah, because they don’t want their tax money, nor their employee’s tax money, nor the tax money of all the wages in the supply change. That makes zero sense.

    2. @Jason C the new economy that’s being built is purely online. he income potential is way bigger which means they dont need the old ways tax money. They’re trimming the what they consider unsustainable. That’s why almost everything is curbside pickup.

  3. Thank Chief for the news of “maybe” lockdown, real useful. No new solution to prevent going “full” lockdown again? I see. Keep repeating the same thing expecting different result. I see I see.

  4. He’s got one thing right. It’s in our hands. Too bad there too many f-up in Ontario. Cya all in the next lockdown/wave, morons!

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