Ontario man stuck in Afghanistan and on the run from Taliban 1

Ontario man stuck in Afghanistan and on the run from Taliban


From CTV Kitchener’s Nicole Lampa: A man from Kitchener is stuck in Afghanistan and says he’s been on the run from the Taliban for months.

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    1. @mrpotatohead and hisfantastic eyebrows so French Canadians with accents shouldn’t leave Quebec because they might not sound “normal” according to you. You’re a very special tool in the shed my friend

    1. That can be said about every single one that took part in the invasion and occupation in Afghanistan.
      Dont be hypocrites.

    2. @Richard Truesdale Suicide seem to be the typical convinence of your soldiers when they return to “home of the free”

    3. Excuse me Sir/Madam
      Are you saved?
      If you died tonight are you going to heaven?
      Jesus loves everyone even Jesus loves your enemies

  1. no footage of the family? hmmmmmm.. 7 kids and a wife.. you think that would be something they would show.. you know.. human interest..

    1. So every Canadian citizen that works outside of Canada should stay there? You know that includes more then just Afghan-Canadians? Lol great thinking kid

    2. @Moe J Canada is a Christian nation. If somebody chooses to live in a pathetic country like Afghanistan then they can stay there.

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