Ontario man told he owes nearly $82K after his rental vehicle is stolen | Rental pickup truck stolen

A Brampton, Ont. man who rented a Ram pickup truck from Enterprise says they told him he owes $82,000 after it was stolen out of his driveway.

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  1. It’s the rental company’s problem period. For all we know, the rental company may as well have bought GAP insurance on that car and both get that guy’s money and the GAP+insurance on the stolen property.

    1. Yup, it doesn’t make sense to insure per renter. You need to insure the property not every user of the property. It’s a money grab. Shameless.

    2. “he declined to pay extra for the additional insurance” LMAO imagine thinking this was anyone’s responsibility other than the person knowingly signing an agreement.

    1. They give you the option to buy insurance from them or you can always decline if you have coverage from your own insurance policy. If you are not covered you are basically driving without insurance and you shouldn’t do that even with your private vehicle.

    2. Always buy the insurance from them don’t use your own its too much of a headache when stuff goes wrong especially a situation like this. The consumer who buys the $20-$30 a day coverage just pays the $500 deductible gives the keys back and walks away. Vs a permanent ding on your personal insurance and countless calls between company’s and letters.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Enterprise is stealing the vehicles and selling them off.
    I’m sure they have the vehicle insured and probably collecting this insurance money as well.

  3. Enterprise should on understand that when you’re getting a person truck, plus those kinds of trucks should have the full insurance on them not what you think is right for your business motto. Do you care about your customers just care about your brand. That is ridiculous, I wood not go to Enterprise because like lackluster on insurance when they know that truck gets stolen often

  4. You never know they might be in it too.what iam saying is someone working there set them up.they get double the money.

    1. Tell me you don’t understand contractual obligation without telling me you don’t understand contractual obligation.
      When you sign an agreement that you bear full resposibility for damage or theft, that tends to be legally binding. They’re in the same boat as someone who rents without theft/dmg liability and wrecks, or got carjacked. It’s game over once you sign on the dotted line.

  5. OF COURSE they would upgrade you to a RAM truck.
    They KNOW that they are easy to steal and are banking
    that the truck will get stolen.

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