1. Masking,distancing is the exact opposite of what you need to have herd immunity but that’s not what they are doing.Dr Judy Micovits.

    1. @Sports Fan well. may be that should be changed if it does not correspond to the current situation?

  2. So, just a week ago Dr. Williams advise Doug Ford to ease restrictions let everything opens up and sent wrong message to the public let’s go out have fun and do shopping to help the business right?

    1. They usually show pictures like the hospital or the family that he talk about…
      I don’t know but it’s hard to believe
      And Nicaragua didn’t do lockdown and mask and they did better then everyone else
      Not my opinion proof

    2. @Nat Mon All the states that eliminated or never did lock-downs the numbers are dropping. The deaths didn’t increase. Hospitalizations didn’t go up. Lockdowns are just power and control.

  3. Are you a salesman for vaccines? Do you have a vested interest in vaccines? Do you have a vested interest in this pandemic lasting? Dougie does.

    1. I guarantee they ALL invested in the companies that were going to supply vaccines before we even new who was in the running to be able to supply.

  4. I would like to know what the government did during this year to provide Canadians with more specialists able to work on ICUs? How much the number of beds were increased? I learned that Canada is well behind many countries in terms of beds, even behind Russia. The whole year is only how bad the situation is and stay home!

  5. My friends folks. April is drunk and so we all must go home immediately and lockdown for one month until she is sober. 😆😆😆

  6. This is totally sickening again all thanks to Ford for not stepping up and doing his job as our provinces leader shame on you shame on you

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