Ontario officials questioned over new proof-of-vaccination program | COVID-19 update

Ont. Health Minister Christine Elliott and chief medical officer Dr. Kieran Moore take questions on the province's vaccine certification program.

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    1. Bruh been like years the courts backed up from trudeaus legal battles. Also any case against the “rules” gets dropped because they do not want the public to know the feds lost. So they pay them 2 stay quiet.

    1. Our “rights” are more like temporary allowances that can be superseded by declaring martial law or issuance of a health mandate.

    2. @No one special the fact we have no floor criteria for this is the problem. Under the current rates, something like a flu or cold bug in the future could be deemed a pandemic

  1. Lol these are the most ridiculous rules. Can you imagine sitting on a patio during dinner and it starts raining ….what then ?

    1. That all started with a smoking ban indoor in 1990year those day s they are take away ur rights even outside bus station

    1. @Ms Michelle nah its just way easier then taking responsibility. What covid 19 vax pass. Lol that will be the most common phrase in 2 weeks.. that and well i guess time 2 rob food trucks lmao 🤣

    1. The truth is an event and only though experience can we determine the veracity of that event” willam james.

  2. What if one has diarrhea and stays in the washroom for 30 minutes instead of less than 15? Will someone come and kick them out of the washroom mid-poop?

    1. @Ryan Dvernychuk Whatever Ryan.. as a liberal remember this – I am going to cancel out your vote Monday. So suck on that apple.

    1. Take multiple shits and annoy every one along the way.. if they kick you out you got yourself a free meal 😅😆

  3. SHOCKING! Government subsidized journalists asking government officials questions advocating for more government power on a government funded channel.

  4. Christine, How demoralizing do you think it is for an unvaxxed person to be discriminated against because they don’t want to take a very suspicious medical procedure that’s being forced on them? Why are you doing this to your fellow citizens? How much are they paying you? Are they threatening your career? Your family? You can’t be that deranged to be doing this if some group wasn’t coercing, bribing, blackmailing or extorting you too.

    1. @Jumbo Me And what about segregated water fountains or segregated busses for the vaxed vs unvaxed? Is that just a step too far or can we squeak out a few puplic hangings before we draw the line? If you actually have a line that is….

    1. @Jumbo Me manigurr covid camp facility, north central australia, whitewood and howard springs rd, google earth.

    1. @Pat Boardman You can snort it like coke if you want. Nasal spray.. So maybe just cook that up and you’re all set;) 🍀

  5. The clowns forcing an experimental medical procedure on healthcare staff have the nerve to criticize those protesting on the staff’s behalf for “demoralizing them.”

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