Ontario officials unveil proof-of-vaccination program | COVID-19 update

Ont. Health Minister Christine Elliott and chief medical officer Dr. Kieran Moore unveiled the province's vaccine certification program.

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    1. @Donald Allen Oh really?
      Are there logs of who has that information, and why it was accessed?
      Was a warrant signed by a judge justifying that breach of privacy?
      Or did some bureaukraut forget who they work for?

    2. @Dan J Without a mask you’ll be kicked out of the grocery store so fast that you’ll run off to your mama crying 😭

    3. @Aaron Warbler What kind of narcissist do you have to be to tell ppl what they’re entitled to? I can’t wait till y’all get yours.

    1. Its getting funny now … total denial … pass ports don’t work .. bad numbers bad science using case numbers …only hospitalisation ( minus dehydration IV , minus 15 % population ( mostly female ) on anti depression meds which reduces immunity ..minus increase drug and alcohol reduced immunity …you get idea

    1. @N One has to be human to have such issues and “Patrick”, here, is just a troll… and he really sucks at that, too.

  1. How about Dr Malone’s proof that natural immunity produces superior antibodies with lifetime durability,,,LETS HAVE a real discussion on the matter.

    1. @Worldzworstgamer His movies are bait designed to make you want to spend a fortune to become ‘clear’, eh! 😉

    2. @Reckless Ron Shh I will throw in a top spot at the Cruise Crew for you and 2 other friends/family if you can promise me to keep this under wraps

    1. My co worker came in one day recently and said “you know dude, you really should wear an apron. Not to prevent food from getting on yourself, but to prevent the spread of food onto others”

    2. so sorry you are agents protecting thouse who actualyncant get vacinated due toncancer , ms, being a child ect… who are at a high risk of death if they leave there home even before covid…. must be hard for you seeing as your a baby yourself.

    1. @Zero Cool where did I say covid was safe? I can take steps to avoid getting infected. I can’t take steps to avoid any issues once injected. It’s been almost 2 years and I’ve either not gotten covid or I got it and recovered without knowing.

  2. Wasn’t this just a conspiracy? So next is the digital ids, social credit system and perpetual misery and tyrannical control

    1. In 2020 they said anyone who was claiming there would be mandatory passports was a dangerous conspiracy theorist and they need to be stopped from spreading dangerous misinformation. In 2021 they said anyone who was against mandatory passports was a dangerous conspiracy theorist and they need to be stopped from spreading dangerous misinformation. The 2021-2022 equivalent will be mandatory vaccinations.

  3. “Unveil”… It’s an unveiling, folks!

    Almost makes it seem ceremonial. (I’m sure they’re celebrating over in Cologny.)

  4. “You’re information will never be stored on our app”
    I best they just instantly vaporize if they ever speak truth at this point.

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