Ontario to enter four-week, provincewide shutdown: Watch Ford’s full update

Ontario to enter four-week, provincewide shutdown: Watch Ford's full update 1


  1. The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    1. @Jam Jam Think you’re right. He also didn’t say “When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it’s only a minute, but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute you think it’s two hours. That’s relativity.” And I always really liked that one

    2. virus doesn’t really care about quotes though, but hey you know what lets open everything up because that worked? lol.

    1. Nah this is more of a government that has no idea what to do at all. Is also at a pretty vulnerable situation to be taken over by other countries

  2. My friends folks. April is drunk and so we all must go home immediately and lockdown for one month until she is sober. 😆😆😆

    1. You think the other parties would be handling this better?
      I’m not defending him, just pointing out the system is the problem, not just Ford.

  3. i love how he calls this making a tough decision like you have done made this “tough decision” 3 times now

    1. @BlueBerry As of today right? At least that’s what I heard on newstalk 1010, interesting station, that’s where I heard about all the government workers taking full paid leave among other things

    1. @Laura Hammond wow.i was concerned also about that.i havnt had a shot yet.i heard astra zenica had some weird side effects

    1. @Hannibal Barca Your right Doug is nothing but a liberal in conservatives clothes and he is as inept and crooked as they get.

    2. @F Bb why would i do that? Have you not learned anything throughout your life? Better yet have you not learned anything from the past couple of years?

  4. I remember when they “ended” the last lockdown I was saying. “Perfect, just in time to enact another harsher lockdown for Easter.”

    1. Any traditional occasion to gather wth friends or family is getting targetted. This is not about a virus, this is about control and abolishing Canadian values and traditions

    2. @Cool Breezy Yup, I’ll bet this new lockdown extends into July. In order to cover Victoria Day and Canada Day.

    1. The hell it is! get out and do your thing. No police are enforcing this, just like last time. Some opportunistic bullies may try to overstep, just put them in their place. We need to end this and we do it by not playing along.

    2. @Ron R We need to enforce the lockdown! I agree! Start up the heavy fines for non maskers. Shut down any store that doesn’t comply, no warnings! Time to get serious and get this virus done with!

  5. Conveniently for easter weekend!!!! Spend spend spend!!!! The only thing waving is my 3rd finger… just a home honestly!

  6. Next month

    “Today I will have to make once again, another tough decision. We will go into a province wide lock down…. the fourth wave is here”

    1. “Today I will have to make once again, another tough decision” KFC and Wendy’s , or Domino’s and McDonald’s

    2. next year “today i will once again have to make another tough decision we will go into a province wind lock down the 15th wave is here” lol

    1. ​@Laura Hammond Hopefully you don’t have to deal with someone dying from it as many others have.

  7. LOL I love how he pretends to be so sincere, how long do we all put up with this before we start fighting back?

  8. Missing your loved ones for Easter? Just have your family get-together at Wal-Mart, a public school, a Golf Course, at a Church, or at a construction site. All perfectly okay apparently.

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