Ontario will see 'rapid rise' in Omicron cases, warns doctor 1

Ontario will see ‘rapid rise’ in Omicron cases, warns doctor


Dr. Barry Nathanson says more restrictions, rapid testing and boosters are all needed to keep Omicron cases under control.

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  1. β€œEven if Omicron does cause less severe disease, the sheer number of cases could once again overwhelm unprepared health systems.”

    1. @John Williams Because this government policies are a complete failure. He spent money on building interment camps in Roxham Road facilities to let in illegal criminals

    1. Passports did not fail. They were useless gimmicks so that politicians could pretend the pandemic was almost over. They lied. It ain’t over yet!

  2. I don’t care.

    If you’re scared, stay home. Take another booster. Quadruple chin diapers. The overseers will give you permission to live again next summer… just like the previous two summers.

    1. When 5 of those Blue Diapers put on and were tested to see if they work??? They allowed water vapor through so the virus also would go through!
      Muzzles theater for the masses to show their Compliance! Rather then following the Science!

  3. So?

    The real question is how many will need hospitalization and how many might die. And the indications are these two measures will be low to very low.

  4. I had omicron and it was literally 10 hours of a headache and body aches, the worst part about it was me having the excuse to veg out and do nothing.

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