Ontario woman forced to quarantine after issues with ArriveCan app | COVID-19 travel confusion 1

Ontario woman forced to quarantine after issues with ArriveCan app | COVID-19 travel confusion


A woman has to quarantine for two weeks after she had trouble accessing the ArriveCan app while crossing back into Canada from the U.S.

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    1. Australia? Bahahahaha you need to edit it to Austria. Or Greece considering they are handing out fines/prison to ppl not fully vaxxed.

    2. @TheCJ-Art yes, Australia, too. Where they send close contacts (who test negative) to covid internment camp

  1. Big fat DISLIKE!!! This is what we have become as a society?!!! House arrest for technical error! I’m ashamed to be Canadian right now!

  2. She probably won’t hear back either. There is paperwork that you can fill out. There is always paperwork.
    Paperwork is reality.

  3. This lady is absolutely right. It happened to me also. This app stinks and whoever made it has no idea of the problems it is causing. Not everyone is computer savy. Still not able to deal with this stupid app.

  4. This poor woman just has that kind of appearance of the someone who would believe doing what the government says without question in an ignorant trust that the gov’t will always have their best interest. Then also, when they find themselves living in the same environment as Australia, look baffled and confused how we got there.

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