1. Maybe you and your lot don’t get it. Ya never think that you’re the fringe even after all the flat earth debunking.

    2. @roof pizza  you don’t get it. You ruin people’s lives and that try and tell them they are stupid. Think for yourself. You can do it

    1. Yup….we Ontarians will dictate which direction the country takes. Way to go Liberals! Let’s throw PP into the dustbin of history like his two predecessors 😂

    1. @T-rev 29 you misspelled corrupt conservatives…….. Harper set the record for ethics violations and selling out Canada

    2. @Lorne Myers I make more than you and am worth far more than you……… you are the freeloader around here for sure.

    3. @GreenBean44 GreenBean44 Sure you do, perhaps stealing from less fortunate is your idea of a career.
      Fawking goof.

    1. @GreenBean44 GreenBean44 Poilievre wouldn’t invest 200 M into a failing casino or think that printing cash wouldn’t result in sky high inflation and my favourite, he knows budgets don’t balance themselves

    2. @GreenBean44 GreenBean44 I thought Liberals were against racists and sexual predators, yet you elected Trudeau 3 times in a row

  1. When I came to Canada 24 years back my friend told me Canadians don’t think, I didn’t get at that time but now I understand and agree with him

  2. This whole government needs to be dismantled and an honest system with rich running on 10% of staff. They are all crooked in my opinion. # thisgovgottago

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