Ontario's new top doctor doesn't support going to Stage 3 early | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Ontario’s new top doctor doesn’t support going to Stage 3 early | COVID-19 in Canada


Ontario's chief medical health officer Dr. Kieran Moore strongly suggested that he wouldn't support the province moving to Stage 3 early.

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  1. we must repeal the state of emergency powers. the province has clearly demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be repealed so we can end this once and for all.

  2. Before a guy like this gets interviewed we need to know how much he’s getting paid to push the party line.

    1. I love how he wears the mask while listening to the question, but takes it off to give his scripted answer. Maybe someone should ask if the virus goes dead when he starts talking?

  3. I wonder when the last time this “top doctor” actually treated a patient as a clinical doctor (i.e. a real doctor)?

    1. @jems bond My family doctor has a better education than most of Canada’s top doctors, so how exactly are these clowns being selected?

    2. And what exactly does being a “top doctor” include? Does it exclude any understanding of virology? Is it only about experience in this case? Experience certainly has it’s contributions, but does experience dictate how effective one’s gathering of data can be?

    3. Being the “top doctor” only requires you to say what the government wants. You don’t have to actually know anything.

  4. Already priming the “new variant” story for the upcoming flu season lockdown I see …

    1. Really? Tell me what the priming process looks like, maybe you have some insight I’m not aware of. Or maybe it’s so obvious to tell. Either way I’d like in on this dramatic perspective of yours.

  5. REMINDER: BC is WIDE open as of July 1st. No masks, 50 ppl gatherings, casinos and clubs open the works. GTFO when you can.

    1. Yeah and we have the f-ing NDP, that Ford is the farthest thing from a conservative I’ve seen.

    2. To be fair, BC and Alberta are only lifting restrictions to keep their populations from getting restless. Come Fall, it’ll be business as usual with the Delta variant.

  6. Ontari-ari-ari- O NO. Only 20 more years til this one retires . Dug Frawd sure knows how to pick em

  7. Tell him he can’t go to work and get his paycheck due to covid until all restrictions are lifted.
    Wonder how long he is going to oppose reopening of business. 🤔

  8. It doesn’t matter whose in “charge” the path Canada is going on won’t stop until mass non compliance by Canadians stop it.

  9. The clowns that read what ever they have put in front of them don’t agree … or they were told not to agree? We’ve been lied to enough.

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