Opening arguments begin in the trial of Derek Chauvin | USA TODAY 1

Opening arguments begin in the trial of Derek Chauvin | USA TODAY


WARNING: Viewers may find portions of this trial disturbing
Ten months after George Floyd died at the hands of Minneapolis police, a court will hear opening statements Monday in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin.


The ex-officer, who pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, is charged with murder and manslaughter. Lawyers for the prosecution and defense questioned potential jurors for about two weeks in the case that ignited nationwide protests against racial injustice. Nine women and six men were ultimately selected as jury members and alternates.

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  1. This is gonna get ugly….. all judge has to see and hear is RESISTANCE AND THE VIDEO COINCIDES. 9 minutes on the neck.. was it that long because the video doesn’t coincide with that. Unless they cut that film.

  2. He killed him on purpose and the other officer tried to block ppls view by standing in front of The officer while he killed him in cold blood. You dont stand on somebody’s neck for nine minutes while they’re in handcuffs. Floyd was far from perfect but he didn’t deserve this.

    1. @Ann-Marie Paliukenas You’re right. It’s about 30 million people living in poverty. I just happen to be one of them.

  3. Unbelievable! I guess they are forgetting that there was more than one officer on this man and all that weight mattered.. this mess wild af!

  4. I think the whole purpose in a trial is to examine all of the evidence. Anything less does not warrant an opinion. Trying to keep an open mind here for due process. It is a good thing that its public access when so much is at stake.

    1. @Affliction I’m sorry but had he been given air he would still be living. You could see him seize up from asphyxiation, then pass out. Tell tell signs of not being able to breathe. An overdose looks way different. But please let someone sit on your next for 9 mins, with you not being able to breathe, completely sober, and then tell me how he died. But I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen to you.. Even sober. I hope that heartless prick gets everything he deserves.

    2. @Krystal Grimes thing is we don’t know that. He said he couldn’t breathe before they even attempted to get him into the car. He was standing and said he couldn’t breathe.

    3. @Krystal Grimes It was his fault..he died from the Drugs yelling for mommy. Good riddance.

  5. My heart broke when I watched the video of his death. It takes seconds to lose consciousness from lack of oxygen and if continued it takes 1 to 2 minutes to cause irreversible damage to the brain and body, impending death. We watched him die. Chauvin should get the same punishment.

  6. Change America Moma Dukes! Let’s make this song an anthem for these victems! This has got to stop! Join the movement! We must continue to create awareness!

    1. She was scared. If all you can think about is all the eyes and ears on you the sound of your heart pounding feel your body telling you that your going to pee yourself at any moment.

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