1. It is understandable that people would welcome someone who shares the same religion, culture and history with them, than someone who does not. Also most of the Ukrainian refugees went to Poland, which is a neighboring country with similar (Slavic) language, history and relationship with Russia. My heart goes to Syrian refugees for their suffering, but it makes sense for them to seek shelter in countries with the same religion, culture and close neighbors.

    1. @Tim Peter Jensen  The biggest difference between Syrian refugees and Ukrainian refugees is whether they have an ability to assimilate into the society. Ukrainians have shown that they are easily assimilated into the Polish society (there were already some Ukrainian people in Poland before the war). I hear a lot of complains from countries that accepted Syrian refugees, saying Syrian refugees form and create their own communities within the host countries without assimilating into the society. Syrian refugees (or other Muslim refugees) often start demanding their religious rights to be accepted in countries that do not have the concept of Muslim. I feel sorry for Syrian people but they cannot force and demand their religious /cultural values upon host countries. That is disrespect to host countries. If they cannot give up religious/cultural values, then they should go to countries that have similar religious/cultural values. So I 100% agree with @Eva Masters.

  2. You might not like the answer, but it’s because some share more similar values and cultures to us.

    1. Precisely. Not to mention that it’s expected most Ukrainians will return to their home when the crisis ends.

    2. You man they look white because I bet you, you Ukrainian’s have a very different culture and language to you people. It’s similar to Russians except if you want to tell me you also share similar cultures, languages and values with Russians. 😂 you people are funny. Gaslighting has always been your go to. It wouldn’t kill you to say it’s because they are white. It’s 2022. You are allowed. I’d have more respect for you then.

    3. I think what also doesn’t help is that a huge portion of people who are illegally in the U.S. are from Mexico and Central America. Supporting illegal immigrants is currently costing American taxpayers at least $100 billion annually. A lot of us work so hard and then we get to see other people use up a lot of our hard-earned dollars that went to taxes. It’s pretty fu**in’ frustrating!

  3. Poland is accepting neighbors and similar cultures. Please take your criticism to the M.E. Countries that are rich and capable. Very tiring to hear always what we should do from those who want to take advantage of our systems. We see what’s happening all over Europe and I believe the people have said enough.

  4. @ Eva ,you are absolutely correct .Problems arises sooner or later when they are large in number entering with their own cultural background, customs and most importantly religions. Whether for economic ,civil unrest or war in their home countries they should opt for countries where they can easily assimilate with their similarities.

    1. I agree, with the history in our South, it is tragic to send black immigrants there. They will find they are brighter, have more manners, are more motivated, respectful, appreciative, and probably more highly educated than the average southerner. That more than anything pisses off a bigot. They take pride in their ignorance.

    2. @Bobby Kiefer yes ,but they are two different countries with different national interests and here concern is with Refugees coming in hordes and friction is definite as it is observed in some Nordic countries. Inspite of these if any country is ready to accept that is their concern.

  5. Those who shout “human rights” loudest, are those who discriminate most . They sound noble, but behave dirty

    1. True, they want rhe government to solve the problem despite what it might mean for the poorest in our own Country

  6. What happened with Syria was that there were many migrants from Libya and Pakistan that were counted for some reason as Syrian refugees. That is why the Syrian refugees suffered. Merkel letin many Pakistani and African migrants it had nothing to do with Syria.

  7. Yes. Help fully to Ukrainians Refugees. The Syrians refugees should entrances their neighbor countries, not to the Western countries. Thats clear and better communities. Ok

    1. The Aryans are from that area. They are related to Europeans. Ukraine and Russia have similar cutures and the are at war and hate each other.

  8. Does CNN expect the viewers not to know what the map looks like? For those who are unaware, countries like Poland that took most Ukrainians are NEIGHBORS of Ukraine, so when there’s a war they take them in as they should according to international law. Africa and the middle east are located in Africa and the middle east. There are many peaceful countries there. If refugees from there were looking for peace they’d follow international law and stay in the nearest peaceful country like the Ukrainians do. Also, the people arriving from Ukraine are women and children while the men were all ordered to stand and fight a real war on behalf of the west, while middle eastern migrants are 90% young men who leave their families in the supposedly dangerous countries to go through several peaceful countries on their way to Europe. THAT is why one group is treated like refugees and the other like economic migrants trying to exploit the system.

  9. If we always treated people like people this wouldn’t happen. Let’s work to that end. Ukraine needs us now, let’s do as we are. Yet, let’s make sure we greet all people coming in the same way. Otherwise, we just fight and fight and nothing moves forwards. Just further backwards.

    1. People haven’t learned that. It will hit us all the hard way one day and then maybe we’ll learn

  10. Make sure Saudi Arabia accept Ukrainian refugees who can practice openly their Christian religion as some Muslims do in Europe.

    1. It is always clear that they don’t want any religion to be part of their country. They tell you that so many times, proudly and loudly.

      And for me, that’s better than those countries that always said, “We always welcome any people and religions into our land.” In reality, they’re not. Hypocrite!!

  11. Most of the people applying for refuge status are TCN (third country nationals) that have a home country they can return to, but their home countries won’t give them benefits like most first world countries will.

  12. I am Polish living in the US and visiting Poland twice a year. Before the war Poland has already had over 3 million Ukrainians that moved to Poland before and after 2014. 8 out of 10 Uber drivers are Ukrainians. All the beauty parlors are run by Ukrainians, some TV anchors (not many) are Ukrainians. Hotel help, restaurant service, care givers are Ukrainians. They are hard working people, that don’t mind working 16-18 hours a day and are sending money to their relatives in Ukraine. Poland is not the rich country (like Germany) but Ukrainians can make 3x more in Poland then in Ukraine. They are ambitious and always ask for extra job and their labor is less expensive than Polish labor (not too much but still less)
    Currently only women and children are coming. Most of my friends took them to their homes. It is almost unheard off. My Polish attorney has an Ukrainian women with a child at his small home. They do not expect any handouts, they want to work and payback. Poland and Ukraine has a painful past but we are over the past and look forward.

    1. I totally agree with the fact you said. At the same time, Poland should have been more humane with those from the middle east, who have reached Europe after having subjected to a series of atrocities in which the west has a crucial role. Migration is a natural phenomenon. Europeans traveled far west and settled. Once saturated, I am sure that the Americans will travel Africa and settle there

  13. Ukrainians are Europeans! Europeans have freedom of movement inside Europe! Arabic countries should do the same with their Muslim brothers! i.e. Afghanis, Syrians, Iraqis, etc…

  14. Poland take care of them just like that and others of UE tray to help us.
    They are here before!
    They are our neighbours.

  15. Usually countries help other neighbouring countries in need. So if you understand geographics, it’s pretty clear, that ukrainians flee to neighbouring countries, they don’t want to go far away from their home country, the want to return as soon as possible and start rebuilding their country that Russia is raping and destroing right now. Also Syrians fled to their neighbouring countries, also a war enhanced by Russian military but also to further EU countries. Maybe the difference is, that the quality of life and capacity of help that Turkey, Jordania, Lebanon, Irak, Saudi Arabia can give, is much lower than the EU. Still the EU or USA or China or India or any other big country/union is not responsible for all the worlds problems in different continents. So it is not wise to compare different wars/refugee crisis as they are all the same.

  16. 2:39 This part is from the Polish-Belarusian border when Lukashenko manufactured a migration crisis by flowing “tourists” to Belarus and directing them towards the border. Letting these people into the EU would open a new migration route from which Belarus would profit in perpetuity.

  17. I think that a important part of the problem is that the people in Europe ask themselves why the people/countries on their own continents can’t or won’t take care of them? Asia and the middle East have countries that are quite capable of supporting refugees, so why won’t they? Look at the wealth of some Arab states, they can easily afford to support Syrian refugees. The same can be said about certain Asian countries. They can, but they won’t. Africa is of course a different story: no real wealth, food production issues, etc. They have ways to go before they can support any country in deep crisis.
    The people from Ukraine are our direct neighbors, we share the same continent so it’s no rocket science why European countries welcome them. We share a common threat as well, and our cultures are more compatible too. It seems quite obvious to me why there are less issues concerning the flow of refugees from Ukraine, and the changes of them returning home after the conflict are much higher as well because they are fiercely proud of their country and have better opportunities to rebuild, redevelop and upgrade their country. A honorable mindset in stark contrast to other refugee groups which seem to be unable or unwilling to even try to make their own country prosper and just stay here. I am not saying it is easy to get ahead in those countries, but the same can be said about Europe as it took shape in the last 20 centuries. And it still isn’t easy, but we all work hard together to make it work. And I think that’s what’s missing on certain other continents, to be honest.
    To all refugees: may the god of your choice keep you safe, and I prey all of you will find peace and a safe haven.

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