1. soe only works for as long as it’s in effect then all who was locked up are released and it starts all over again.

  2. I believe the sooner we come to understand that we are living in a time which is not a PNP or JLP thing, is not about which church you might go to,or which day you might worship rich,or poor,old or young, and even if we want to say it is impossible the only thing that is going to save is a United Jamaican people working together for the betterment of ourselves, because like the bible ask us the question which house that fight against it self, and still stand non, so I believe it is time for the bright people out there to really stop, and think is politics really the way going forward into the future, I say this because all we are having now is simple politics, and look what we are having now,or is it better to have a United Jamaican Council going forward,because united we are sure to live longer, but divided we are surly going to fall

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