1. First of all the anchor is absolutely beautiful but wow getting killed at your own birthday party is tragic

  2. Pay attention America this is your future if y’all can’t focus on what you have in common instead of what divides you.
    Tone down the rhetoric too. (looking at you conservatives)

    1. @The Motion of Pictures only if you actually think you can vote it away…votes make a poor shield…

    2. @The Motion of Pictures Yep…history will probably repeat itself as it has done time and time again for several millennia now…the one constant is peace never wins for long…

  3. ***we need to incorporate logic and epistemology into the curriculum of primary education*** we need a critically adept citizenry. We need to give people the tools that would otherwise allow them to navigate the harmful misinformation and disinformation with which they are constantly plagued on social media. And so does Brazil.

  4. Where was the Chemical Importing Agency?
    Hip deep in it, I am sure…..
    Always are

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